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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Who Would Run in Nebraska if Hagel Doesn't

  • Nebraska: With rumors out there about Chuck Hagel not running for re-election to the Senate in 2008, much less a Presidential bid, a conservative blog, Cyclone Conservatives, takes a look at who would run in '08 with Hagel out of the race. In addition to the obvious and not-so-obvious GOP picks (like former Gov. Mike Johanns, 2006 Ben Nelson challenger Pete Rickets, and soon-to-be-former Congressman Tom Osborne), the blog offers the following insight on Democratic options:

    Democrats might run Scott Kleeb or perhaps David Hahn. Kleeb ran against Smith for Congress and Hahn was the donkey that the Democrats put their Governorship hopes upon. A few others like former Democratic Lieutenant Governor Maxine Moul might run as well as former State Auditor Katie Witek and Hahn running mate Steve Loschen.
    Kleeb, with his unexpectedly strong performance in his 2006 Congressional race, has gotten a lot of speculation for 2008. We'll see in 2007 if Hahn, Moul, Witek, Loschen or others make any noise.


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