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Friday, December 22, 2006

GOP Worried About Allard's Seat, and With Good Cause

  • Colorado: This Associated Press piece gives the distinct impression that the GOP is already ready to write off Wayne Allard's seat:

    There are lots of reasons for Allard to choose retirement, including his promise not to serve more than two terms. It also hasn't been the easiest year for him.

    Political pundits named Allard one of the most-vulnerable and least-effective senators and have compared him unfavorably with Colorado's flashier Democratic senator, Ken Salazar. ...

    Adding to the pressure is that Colorado Republicans have been trounced by Democrats in several high-profile races in the last two years. Allard would almost certainly face his most difficult re-election campaign yet against Democratic Rep. Mark Udall, who has said he will run for Senate regardless of Allard's decision.

    Yet Allard's friend and fellow Republican, retired Colorado Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell, said that if Allard doesn't run, Republicans could lose his seat.

    Republicans "don't have a team right now. The bench is pretty thin as opposed to the Democrats, who have some very high-profile candidates."
    "Senator Udall" has a nice ring to it.


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