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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Chuck Todd on a Long Term Democratic Senate Majority

This piece from Chuck Todd is a must read. He suggests that Republicans "may not have another realistic shot at getting the majority back until 2012" given geography, trends, and the fact that Democrats weren't supposed to do nearly as well as they did in 2006.

Todd offers his "Top 10 Most Vulnerable" List (with Colorado Republican Wayne Allard topping the list), his "Retirement Watch," his "Worth Watching" list, and his "Fuhgeddaboudits."

My biggest disagreement: I take major issue with Jim Inhofe being a "fuhgeddaboudit" - relatively low approval ratings, and he is perhaps the most anti-environment Senator in the history of the environment, particularly at a time when environmental issues are returning to high salience - and Montana has given us a solid blueprint for how to defeat right-wingers by properly framing environmental, energy, and agricultural issues.

Be sure to take a read!


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