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Friday, December 29, 2006

Senator Johnson Improving and More Dems in Colorado

Two morning bits for you:

  • South Dakota: The New York Times highlights Senator Tim Johnson's improvement (Hat tip: Devilstower at Daily Kos):

    “Senator Johnson’s overall general medical condition has improved, and he is gradually being weaned from the sedation,” Vivek Deshmukh, the neurosurgeon who performed the operation, said in a statement released by Mr. Johnson’s office. “He is opening his eyes and is responsive to his wife.”
    I'm sure we all look forward to continuing progress in Senator Johnson's health in the New Year.

  • Colorado: The Washington Post has a piece this morning on Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper. Despite the appearance that both Democrats and Republicans alike (via Wayne Allard's reticence and the CO-GOP's shambled status) seem to be clearing the way for U.S. Rep. Mark Udall to ascend to the Senate, the article notes:

    Unlike other Denver-based politicians, Hickenlooper is popular across the state. Democrats pleaded with him to run for governor this year, an offer he refused so he could seek a second term as mayor next May. Party leaders are now talking about Hickenlooper as a possible candidate in 2008 for the U.S. Senate seat held by Republican Wayne Allard.
    We'll see if a Senate run is on the Mayor's list of New Year's resolutions in the coming months. Given how fractured the CO-GOP is, and how it seems Allard would be a weakened incumbent if he ran for re-election, this is a case in which I'd prefer not to see a Democratic primary, in favor of the state Democrats getting behind a consensus candidate. Nevertheless, it's nice to see that the CO-Dems' bench continues to grow as we continue to win elections there.


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