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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Fahey Close to Senate Bid?

  • Nebraska: Omaha Mayor Mike Fahey recently met with DSCC Chair Chuck Schumer and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to discuss a possible Senate bid, reports the Omaha World-Herald:

    In the past, Fahey quickly blunted any speculation that he was interested in running for higher office. That has changed, with Fahey now saying he will consider a Senate race if Republican U.S. Sen. Chuck Hagel doesn't seek re-election in 2008. ...

    "They talked to me about the Senate race, and they were very complimentary," Fahey said. "They said all the right things."

    In an interview with The World-Herald, Fahey said that at this point he is still more interested in seeking a third term as Omaha's mayor than in running for the Senate.

    But the Senate is attractive, he said. ...

    The Senate could use more mayors with first-hand experience managing a local budget under the strain of unfunded federal mandates, Fahey said. ...

    Fahey fits the mold of recent Nebraska Democrats elected to the Senate - Edward Zorinsky in 1976, J.J. Exon in 1978, Bob Kerrey in 1988 and Ben Nelson in 2000. All held elected executive positions prior to going to Washington: Zorinsky was mayor of Omaha when elected, and Exon, Kerrey and Nelson had served as governor.

    Each first made his mark in business, as Fahey did by founding a title insurance company. ...

    "He's a fiscal conservative," Johnson said of Fahey. "He has a nice, outgoing personality. He certainly knows how to raise money."
    Fahey is Democrats' top choice, and one of Nebraska's only high profile Democrats, along with Senator Ben Nelson and 2006 Congressional candidate Scott Kleeb. We should have a much clearer sense of Chuck Hagel's intentions by springtime. Hopefully, we will have Fahey's decision (and a positive one) even sooner. (Hat tip: UNO Dems)


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