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Thursday, February 08, 2007


Some evening reading for you to enjoy:

  • Virginia: NYTimes/CQPolitics looks at a potential Warner-Warner match-up, incumbent Republican John vs. popular Democratic former Governor Mark. While Sen. Warner enjoys a 62% approval, Gov. Mark Warner did leave office in January 2006 with a 72% approval. Many other strengths and weaknesses are looked at - an interesting read.

  • Maine: Nathan Gonzales at The Rothenberg Report analyzes how 2008 will be a much more politically difficult year for Susan Collins than 2002 was. And he for the most part only takes into account national political trends - he doesn't even incorporate Collins' broken promises, like her dishonest term limit pledge, into his analysis. Go Tom Allen!

  • Matt Mackowiak at Political Insider lists his top eight most vulnerable Senate seats, giving a brief analysis with each. My only gripe is that Montana's Max Baucus is on the list in a place that should have gone to North Carolina' Elizabeth Dole or Virginia's John Warner. Dole and Warner are on the retirement watch, while Baucus is not. And while Denny Rehberg, Mike Easley, and Mark Warner are all still publicly undecided on a Senate run, Easley and Warner would more likely be victorious in their possible challenges than Rehberg would be. A poll already puts Easley ahead of Dole; and Mark Warner's approval is higher than John Warner's - by an even larger margin than Baucus' aproval is ahead of Rehberg's.


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