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Thursday, February 22, 2007

More Rumblings in Oregon

  • Oregon: Is Rep. Earl Blumenauer getting less coy about challenging Gordon Smith? The Associated Press reports:

    As for his own political future, Blumenauer sidestepped questions about whether he will mount a 2008 Senate campaign against Smith, the wealthy Republican who already has amassed a $2 million campaign re-election fund even though no Democrat has jumped into the race yet.

    "There is no doubt in my mind there will be a strong Democratic opponent for Gordon Smith," Blumenauer said. "By Labor Day, we will know who a strong alternative to Smith will be."

    Asked whether he will be that contender, he said, "I will deal with the question in due course."
    Should we expect a Labor Day formal announcement from Blumenauer? I hope so - heck, I hope sooner!

    Meanwhile, DKos diarist Wolverines offers this account of Gordon Smith's staff having the police arrest two senior citizens for wanting to meet with aides to Smith about his position on the Iraq War. Most telling passage:

    One Sen. Smith's aides who arrived about the time the police officers arrived. (I think the gentleman who came out to speak to us was an aide since he was dressed in a suit - not a security uniform.) Dot asked him if he could make a statement about the senator's stance about defunding the war. The man (I fail to recall his name) refused to offer statement on Smith's behalf, and he said, "You should have more respect for a U.S. senator than to refuse to leave his office". At his point I turned this man's rudy [sic] complexion a neon red because of something that I said.... Oops. In the presence of the police officers he'd called I said, ""Gee I woulda thought that a democratically elected politician should have more respect - for the voter - for his constituents... Should a senator play hide and seek with his constituents?"
    Nothing in the MSM yet about this. "Gordon Smith has two old ladies arrested for asking his position on Iraq; announces he will seek re-election" - that would be some headline.


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