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Thursday, March 29, 2007

More Absentee Republicans

  • Oregon: Loaded Orygun wonders where Gordon Smith was while popular Democratic Senator Ron Wyden fought for extending county timber payments, which means "over a billion dollars on the line for Oregon and some of its poorest counties."

  • North Carolina: The North Carolina Democratic Party asks "Where is Liddy?" as Elizabeth Dole seems unwilling to support North Carolina citizen opposition to "the Navy’s plan to put an outlying landing field near an important wildlife refuge in northeastern North Carolina." (HT: BlueNC)

  • Courtesy of TPM Cafe, "Public Says Democratic Party Has 'Stronger' And 'Better' Leaders":

    The poll finds that when asked which party has "stronger" leaders, 41% say Dems, while 36% say the GOP. That's a dramatic shift from the numbers in the Pew poll in the Fall of 2006 just before the elections: At that time, 30% said Dems, while 43% picked the GOP.

    Similarly, when asked which party has "better" leaders, voters gave Dems a wide advantage, picking it over the GOP by 44%-29% -- an even more dramatic shift from last fall's poll, which gave the advantage to the GOP, 38%-34%.
    Do you think 2008 might be a solid Democratic year?

    UPDATE (9:33am 3/30/07): Blue Oregon adds insight on Gordon Smith's absence (and even a comment from Smith seemingly in opposition) from the county timber payments effort so important to Oregon's economy.


    Blogger VA Blogger said...

    Man, a Republican who's opposed to fiscal irresponsibility? What's the world coming to? The only thing less shocking than Gordon Smith opposing hundreds of inappropriate earmarks to the Iraq War funding bill is the Democrat's zealous embrace of hundreds of inappropriate earmarks.

    And did you maybe think that Liddy Dole supports the airfield in order to bring jobs to the area, instead of supporting a far-left environmentalist agenda?

    Dole and Smith are standing on principle and opposing reckless liberal policies. I think they should get a medal.

    9:03 AM, March 30, 2007  
    Blogger Senate2008Guru said...

    I'm sure Oregon loves Gordon Smith doing everything possible to not help their economy. I'm not a timber farmer. (I know, suprising, huh?) But this provision means "over a billion dollars on the line for Oregon and some of its poorest counties." And Smith didn't lift a finger to help with the effort. And, va blogger, where is Smith's principle against opposing "inappropriate earmarks"? Despite leaving Oregon in a lurch and not helping the effort, he did ultimately vote for the earmark! Care to retract your comment, va blogger? Or have you already ordered that medal?

    As for Dole's situation, did you even read the post I linked to, or did you immediately opt to run your mouth off first? How can you call it a far-left environmentalist agenda when:

    Even Republicans like State Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler said the Navy’s preferred site in Washington and Beaufort counties would consume too much farmland. Even radical GOP organizations like Americans for Prosperity oppose the measure.

    Again, care to retract your comment?

    va blogger - do you ever get tired of being wrong all the time? I mean, you can have whatever opinion you want. But on factual stuff, you're way off, like, all the time. Does it get tiring?

    9:45 AM, March 30, 2007  
    Blogger VA Blogger said...

    I didn't read the Blue Oregon piece. If I had, I would have realized that your argmuent is far, far more ridiculous than I originally imagined. He didn't reserve any speaking time on the floor of the Senate? Who gives a rat's ass? What is that an indication of? Wyden could have spoken for 24 hours straight; his vote still counts the same as Smith's.

    Man, I thought you were pressing for story ideas when you just link to whatever DailyKos diarist of the day had an opinion. Now you're on the prowl against Senators who vote the way you want them to, but don't talk that much? What TV ad would you run?

    "Gordon Smith voted with Ron Wyden to bring money to Oregon, but he didn't say anything about it. Vote for me. When I get to the Senate, I'll never shut up."

    And I'm telling you why Dole voted the way she did. She valued bringing jobs to the area above preserving farmland. Its a matter of priorities, and if hers differs from yours, then so be it. We'll see what the voters of North Carolina think about Dole bolstering their economy.

    3:18 PM, March 30, 2007  
    Blogger Senate2008Guru said...

    va blogger - could you be more full of hot air.

    You said that Gordon Smith opposed a "Democrat's zealous embrace" of "inappropriate earmarks." Well, it turns out he embraces it - what of his medal now. It doesn't help Smith's convictionless case that he originally talked down the prospect of the timber payments before voting for it.

    And you called Dole's "stand on principle" against "far-left environmentalists" and then it turns out that even Republicans oppose the airfield siting. And she's against "preserving farmland" now? Maybe that farmland is the main source of jobs for that area?

    Can you just admit, va blogger, that you're completely full of hot air and are willing to support the Republican regardless of facts or (rather obvious) public sentiment?

    5:34 PM, March 30, 2007  

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