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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Copious Late Night Reading

  • South Dakota: While still in recovery and assisted by many colleagues, Senator Tim Johnson's campaign raised a relatively impressive $660,000 in Q1 and has over a million dollars in the bank. MyDD, CQPolitics, and USA Today offer more insight. The conventional wisdom appears to be that, barring a rehab setback, Johnson will run for re-election and Gov. Mike Rounds is not likely to challenge him.

  • New Hampshire: Fresh off a poll that has former Governor Jeanne Shaheen beating Sprintin' John Sununu by ten points and holding him to 34%, Reid and Schumer are courting her to enter the race. Meanwhile, Blue Hampshire demonstrates that Sununu doesn't really understand what government does (or has an overdeveloped appreciation for irony).

  • Idaho: Larry LaRocco Day in Idaho is tomorrow.

  • Oregon: The Draft DeFazio movement chugs along and started a Facebook group and Myspace page. Meanwhile, Gordon Smith hires a politico of notoriously ill repute. Also, mcjoan further discusses Gordon Smith's own personal Scylla and Charybdis.

  • Minnesota: Norm Coleman works to hold back stem cell research. Stem cell research - you know, that thing that can cure diabetes.

  • New Mexico: Heath Haussamen offers insights on possible Domenici challengers and potential Senate race dynamics.

  • I don't know what is more comical/silly/disturbing: The Thune Sandwich; a confused Republican Congresscritter lamely referring to the GOP minority as "the Republican majority from the last Congress;" or Republicans' lack of proclamations of success on the fourth anniversary of Saddam's capture - why aren't the Bush enablers and McConnell Republicans all cheering about our overwhelming success in Iraq on this special day?


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