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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Waiting for More Chips to Fall

  • Democrats earn control of Congress, and public approval for Congress climbs. Go figure.

  • Montana: The Billings Gazette highlights Senator Max Baucus' fundraising, with his Q1 statement reporting that he has just under $3 million in cash-on-hand. That bankroll, coupled with Baucus' high popularity, certainly gives the Guru a warm, fuzzy feeling about Baucus' re-election prospects.

  • Iowa: Response to the recent Yepsen column suggesting that Senator Tom Harkin should have a relatively easy 2008 re-election bid: Iowa Progress offers insights; and, MyDD's Singer compares Iowa to New Jersey, suggesting (I think correctly) that both are teases to the GOP where they can futilely blow money.

  • Minnesota: State Senator Tarryl Clark does nothing to diminish speculation about a possible 2008 Senate bid. (HT: Let Freedom Ring)

  • Texas: Burnt Orange Report looks at rumors that "Democratic lightning rod and former Lt Gov of Texas" Ben Barnes may be eyeing the Senate race.


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