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Thursday, April 19, 2007

A Ka-Blammo! Type of Day

  • Nebraska: Fresh off of Chuck Hagel supporting legislation that includes a mandatory troop withdrawal date for Iraq operations, state AG Jon Bruning suggests that he is considering a primary challenge to Hagel. It will be fun to see how this fractures the NE-GOP as it seems that Bruning would run on a support-the-President-no-matter-what platform, while Hagel will still have much of the establishment with him as the incumbent. Meanwhile, polling is being conducted to gauge support for former Senator Bob Kerrey. Nebraska could very well turn into one of the most fascinating races to follow in 2008.

  • New Mexico: The New York Times notes that, as Alberto Gonzales testifies today before the Senate Judiciary Committee, the situation in New Mexico will be of paramount interest:

    When Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales takes the witness chair on Thursday before the Senate Judiciary Committee, the dismissal of the United States attorney from New Mexico will be a topic of particular scrutiny, committee members and their staff said.

    That case, perhaps more than any of the other ousters, demonstrates the interaction of the Republican Party, the White House, a prominent Republican senator and Mr. Gonzales that led up to the firings.

    Investigators have already determined that Mr. Gonzales spoke directly three times with Senator Pete V. Domenici, Republican of New Mexico, about his complaints regarding David C. Iglesias, the state’s former top federal prosecutor.
    More bad times for Pajamas Pete, with more bad press to follow. I can't wait for Gonzales' testimony! (It's amazing what happens when one holds a Republican office-holder to close scrutiny.)

  • New Hampshire: Blue Hampshire and MyDD's Singer both look at Sprintin' John Sununu's vote to filibuster legislation to negotiate lower drug prices, siding with Big Pharma over his own constituents. Sununu really is doing everything possible to put off New Hampshire voters. It is quite remarkable.

  • Oregon and Minnesota: Blue Oregon has the rundown of positive press following Steve Novick's entry into the Oregon Senate race. Similarly, the Pioneer Press and Star Tribune both offer lengthy looks at Mike Ciresi's entry in Minnesota. I get the impression that Franken and Ciresi will be able to play nice and have a productive primary aimed at illustrating Smilin' Norm Coleman's lackluster record.

  • All Things Democrat takes a thoughtful look at how much longer McConnell Republicans will be able to take Bush marching orders.


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