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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tuesday Morning Quick Hits

  • In The Hill's recap of the DSCC demolishing the NRSC in fundraising yet again in April, another interesting statistical footnote is offered:

    The Senate GOP’s total is also less than one-twelfth of Chairman John Ensign’s (Nev.) stated goal of $118 million, with one-sixth of the cycle already gone.
    The article also notes that the NRSC under Ensign has raised about $9.1 million for the cycle so far, compared with $13.6 million raised by this point in the last cycle under Liddy Dole. Impressively bad. (HT: kos)

  • Idaho: 43rd State Blues offers the full rundown of liveblogging events with former Congressman and Democratic Senate candidate Larry LaRocco:

    Tuesday, May 29 -, 8 p.m. Mountain/7 p.m. Pacific.

    Friday, June 1 -, 12 noon Mountain/11 a.m. Pacific.

    Tuesday, June 5 –, 12 noon Mountain/11 a.m. Pacific.

    Each session will last about an hour. The Idablue session will focus on the war in Iraq and issues of concern to Idaho veterans, military personnel, and their families. The other two dates will be open forums in which LaRocco will answer questions on whatever current issues people want to discuss.
    Mark your calendars and bring your questions!

  • Oregon: Blue Oregon's Kari Chisholm suggests that a competitive OR-Dem Senate primary will be helpful toward beating Gordon Smith.

  • Kentucky: picks up on the Draft Forgy movement:

    Call it Ernie Fletcher's revenge. US Senate Mitch McConnell (R-KY), portrayed in state newspapers as the godfather of the Kentucky GOP, has his faction of the party heavily backing Anne Northup in Tuesday's gubernatorial primary. That appears to be why a growing movement in the party -- led by the pro-Fletcher faction -- is looking for payback in the form of giving McConnell a tough primary challenge in 2008. Check out the website, urging wealthy attorney Larry Forgy (R) to oppose McConnell. Forgy was the GOP nominee for Governor in 1995 and is a Fletcher ally. The Draft Forgy website is filled with pro-Fletcher and ani-McConnell sentiments, and lots of Forgy quotes that make him sound interested in the race.
    All we're waiting on is a comment from Larry Forgy himself not completely ruling out the possibility of a primary challenge. (HT: RandySF at SSP)


    Blogger VA Blogger said...

    I wouldn't say that's all you're waiting on in Kentucky. You're also waiting on, at the very least, even rumblings from any candidate who has a prayer of being competitive.

    11:05 AM, May 22, 2007  
    Blogger Blue South said...

    With just over 95% of precincts in, criminal Fletcher is walking away with this. 50.9% to 35.7%

    Off topic from the Senate, but Beshear is right on the edge of avoiding a primary, which is great news.

    9:48 PM, May 22, 2007  

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