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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Libby Commutation and Other News

  • Libby Commutation: Every Republican Senator, especially those up for re-election in 2008, should be asked for their position on Scooter Libby's commutation, whether they agree with Bush's decision or not. Leading the way are 43rd State Blues asking that of Larry Craig, Blue Hampshire asking that of John Sununu, Collins Watch asking that of Susan Collins, Left in Alabama asking that of Jeff Sessions, New Mexico FBIHOP asking that of Pete Domenici, and Tondee's Tavern asking that of Saxby Chambliss. And, lest any right-wing pundits suggests otherwise, a majority of the American people disagree with Bush's decision to let his buddy off the hook and avoid jail time. Also, when addressing conservatives who are opposed to the immigration reform legislation, it is not improper to refer to Libby's commutation as "amnesty."

  • Q2 Fundraising: Second quarter fundraising figures are beginning to trickle in. The Hill reports: Thad Cochran (R-MS) dropped to $275,000; Katrina Swett (D-NH) raised "about" $700,000; Jon Bruning (R-NE) took in over $720,000; Mike Ciresi (D-MN) raised over $735,000; Steve Marchand (D-NH) brought in about $100,000; Steve Novick (D-OR) took in $190,000; and, recovering Senator Tim Johnson (D-SD) neared a goal of $600,000. UNO Dems reminds us that "Bob Kerrey’s still got about $400,000 cash on hand from his old Senate campaign account." Norm Coleman (R-MN) raised around $1.5 million. Larry LaRocco (D-ID) raised about $80,000.

  • Virginia: John Warner released a statement that seems like he is trying to ease his way into a retirement announcement, letting us know not to expect much in the way of Q2 fundraising and saying what a privilege it has been to represent Virginia in the Senate. Meanwhile, uber-popular former Governor Mark Warner continues to stoke the 2008 Senate speculation flame.

  • South Carolina: The Hill reports on Jim DeMint's vocal opposition to immigration reform making life harder for immigration reform supporter Lindsey Graham in South Carolina. Conservative opponents of immigration reform are heaping praise on DeMint while seeking out a primary opponent for Graham. The Hill notes that, in addition to GOP State Chair Katon Dawson, feelers are being put out to David Wilkins, U.S. ambassador to Canada and former state Speaker of the House, regarding a primary challenge to Graham.

  • Idaho: Republican Rancher Rex Rammell is entering the Senate race, which should assure an ID-GOP Senate primary.

  • Maine: Susan Collins' best buddy and fundraiser Joe Lieberman is going around saying that Iran "has declared war on us." Someone in the Maine media should ask Collins what she thinks of her best buddy's statement.

  • Alaska: It turns out that scandal-plagued Ted Stevens has hired Oliver North's former lawyer to watch his back in the ongoing federal investigation into his dealings with the corrupt VECO Corporation.

  • Texas: State Representative Pete Gallego offers a pretty strong argument in favor of State Represenative Rick Noriega for Senate: he has actually been on the front lines of the War in Afghanistan and the emergency response to Hurricane Katrina.

  • Minnesota: Mike Ciresi announces his latest round of endorsements. And MN Blue interviews Senate candidate Bob Olson.

  • Colorado: Looking ahead, Tom Tancredo says he's 50-50 on a 2010 challenge to Senator Ken Salazar. Oy.

  • You may have noticed the newest feature added to the Guru's blog: at the bottom of the left hand column is a "YouTube Video Library." It currently includes the Senate Democratic Leadership's video on Republican obstructionism, disgraced MT-GOP Senate candidate Mike Lange's obscenity-laced tirade against popular Governor Brian Schweitzer, Americans United for Change's commercials on Susan Collins and John Sununu on Iraq, and the grand-daddy of them all George Allen and "Macaca." If there are any videos out there pertaining to the 2008 Senate races that you think should be added to the library, please feel encouraged to mention it in the comments.


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