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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Mark Warner for U.S. Senate

  • Virginia: He's in:

    Our challenges are great, but the potential of Americans to step up and meet those challenges is more than equal to the task. Six years ago, we brought a bipartisan agenda of change to Virginia. It's time to bring that same approach to Washington and our nation.

    Gov. Mark Warner


    Blogger Paradox13VA said...

    I think the door might still be slightly open for him to run for Governor in 2009 if November goes badly for Virginia Democrats, but Mark's announcement for Senate today is a great development for Virginia and national Democrats.

    If nothing else, it changes the Money Game, as the DSCC probably has to spend a lot less in Virginia, freeing up money to fight in places like North Carolina or even Oklahoma.

    1:35 PM, September 13, 2007  

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