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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Wednesday Rundown

  • Idaho: Larry Craig is reconsidering his intention to resign his Senate seat later this month. Craig is currently calling Republican Senators to determine if he has support from anyone besides Arlen Specter. (The most comical aspect of this latest chapter is that Craig, intending to leave a voice mail for his lawyer, dialed a wrong number and his ensuing voice mail outlining his mindset was, of course, relayed to the media.) The best blog post title, by far, is Outside the Beltway's "Larry Craig Takes Wide Stance on Quitting." I, for one, urge Craig to stick it out, if only to highlight the double-standard among Republican Senators evidenced by the difference in reactions to Craig's scandal and David Vitter's scandal. Meanwhile, if Craig does resign as planned, it will likely set off a minor squabble among Republican Senators in a fight for Craig's seat on the powerful Senate Appropriations Committee.

  • Alaska: I didn't realize that Ted Stevens was an accomplished climatologist! Stevens has just declared that the Earth has come to the end of a cycle of global warming lasting seven to nine centuries (most of which he was alive for), and the Earth should begin cooling any minute now. Seriously, Stevens is off his rocker.

  • Virginia: Might Tom Davis chicken out of a 2008 Senate bid?

  • New Hampshire: No surprise here: Sprintin' John Sununu remains George W. Bush's lapdog on Iraq.

  • Oklahoma: In case there was any doubt, state Attorney General Drew Edmondson will not be entering the 2008 Senate race to unseat Jim "In Denial" Inhofe. Meanwhile, State Senator Andrew Rice will be in Tulsa and Oklahoma City today to hold announcement events for his campaign. Also, State Senator Kenneth Corn, who is still considering a bid, will "announce his intentions soon."

  • Kentucky: Momentum continues to build in Kentucky to oust Mitch McConnell, and that momentum continues to get documented in the media.

  • Texas: Burnt Orange Report and Capitol Annex both report on a letter that was written by Senate candidate Mikal Watts in his law practice touting his ability to get results due to his firm's financial support to key judges. Aside from the fact that I think electing judges is a terrible idea, which is a topic for another time, it does play into the meme of Watts buying support, as it has been suggested that he is attempting to do just that in the Senate race by touting his willingness to infuse $10 million of his own money into the race. At the very least, it looks very unseemly for Watts.

  • BooMan sees two dozen legitimately competitive Senate pick-up opportunities over the 2008 and 2010 cycles, and Bowers sees fifteen in 2008 alone.


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