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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thursday Round-Up

  • While the Associated Press circulates the latest 'Republicans reeling from scandal' story, Republican leaders think they have the solution to GOP woes:

    According to party officials, the emerging campaign game plan will play off the voters' deepening disapproval of the Democratic-run Congress by urging Republican challengers to run an anti-incumbent, anti-Washington, insurgent campaign.
    So the Republicans' big plan is to run challengers against Democratic incumbents? Brilliant! Who would have thought of that?! Be that as it may, according to the Evans-Novak Political Report, "Republican Senators are now talking about losing four seats in 2008."

  • Idaho: Republican colleagues are calling for Larry Craig to resign and Craig has given up his committee posts, a common precursor to a resignation. My number one question here is, "Where were the calls for David Vitter to resign when he admitted to soliciting prostitutes?" It's a crime - in fact a worse crime than Craig pled guilty to. There are only two differences: 1) Vitter wasn't arrested and found guilty because he kept his crime under wraps long enough for the crime to exceed the statute of limitations - but, make no mistake, it was a crime; and, 2) Vitter's crime involved heterosexual sex (albeit allegedly with diapers), while Craig's crime involved gay sex. While Republican elected officials have demonstrated a distinct disregard for the rule of law, I think the second difference is more at play than the first here. TPM offers its thoughts on that topic. Think Progress also chimes in.

    In other news, Democratic former Congressman and current candidate for Senate Larry LaRocco held another lively liveblog yesterday at Daily Kos. If you haven't already, throw his vibrant campaign a few bucks to help the cause.

  • Minnesota: Nobel Laureate Dr. Peter Agre has decided against running for Senate in 2008.

  • Virginia: John Warner will apparently announce his 2008 Senate plans (read: retirement) tomorrow. Meanwhile, Real Clear Politics says that a Tom Davis-Jim Gilmore 2008 Republican Senate primary "could be the bloodiest primary in the nation" and veteran Republican strategist Craig Shirley declares that it would "be a bloodbath." (HT: RK)

  • Maine: The indefatigable Talking Points Memo picks up on the Susan Collins-Bangor Daily News conflict of interest story. It would be nice if the Maine media were as diligent.

  • Nebraska: Is U.S. Agriculture Secretary and former Governor Mike Johanns putting together a platform for a 2008 Senate bid in case Chuck Hagel retires?

  • Georgia: Spineless Saxby Chambliss goes to Vietnam, about four decades too late.

  • The DSCC has narrowed it down to four finalists in their bumper sticker contest. Check it out and vote for your favorite. All four are good, but I'm debating between "About Dem Time" and "Sorry W, I'm the Decider" as my favorite.


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