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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Latest Larry Craig Update and Other News

  • For those wondering what affect Republican scandal, corruption and hypocrisy will have on the 2008 elections, conservatives already checked after 2006:

    “Exit polls show that was the No. 1 factor in depressing Republican enthusiasm,” Mr. Perkins said in an interview Tuesday. “There is an expectation that leaders who espouse family values will live by those values. And while the values voters don’t demand perfection, I do believe they want leaders with integrity.”
    And it's only August 2007; there's still over fourteen months until Election Day 2008 rolls around for Republican "leaders" to illustrate their lack of integrity.

  • Idaho: Here's the latest interesting contradiction in Larry Craig's story:

    Meanwhile, newly released police records of the bathroom incident that led to Craig's arrest show that Craig revisited the Minneapolis airport 11 days later to complain about how he had been treated by police. He said he wanted information so his lawyer could speak to someone, according to a police report.

    Craig said Monday that he did not seek legal counsel before deciding to plead guilty to disorderly conduct. Today, Craig said he has hired a lawyer to advise him what to do next.
    So, let me get this straight. The incident occured on June 11. Craig returns to the airport 11 days later (June 22) to get information "so his lawyer could speak to someone." And then he enters his guilty plea on August 8 but maintains that "he did not seek legal counsel" before entering is guilty plea. On June 22 he wanted information for his lawyer. But on August 8 he claims to have pled guilty without a lawyer's counsel. Hmmmm. Could Craig possibly be lying about something? Elsewhere, a man claiming to have shared a special moment with Cruisin' Craig has stepped forward for an interview.

    Meanwhile, what do the chieftains of the ID-GOP have to say?

    On one side we have Mike Crapo and J. Kirk Sullivan:

    "Sen. Crapo supports any decisions Senator Craig makes regarding his political future and will not make any judgments regarding any part of the incident or any rumors regarding it," the spokeswoman said.

    The chairman of the Idaho Republican party, J. Kirk Sullivan, released a statement urging residents not to rush to judgment, saying Craig has been a "stalwart in supporting Idaho."
    Not make judgments? Not rush to judgment? The "judgment" has been made. Craig pled guilty in a court of law. That is the judgment!

    Amid the Craig scandal, don't forget that Democratic former Congressman and current Senate candidate Larry LaRocco will be liveblogging today at Daily Kos at 2pm Eastern, 1pm Central, Noon Mountain, 11am Pacific. I'll see you there in about 90 minutes!

  • Kentucky: Ditch Mitch KY has some great video of the latest protest against Mitch McConnell and Bush's Iraq War.

  • MSNBC is now talking about the prospect of a filibuster-proof 60-seat Democratic Senate majority. While I don't necessarily think Democrats can achieve that in 2008 without major stars aligning, I do think a 60-seat majority is possible by 2010 given the number of vulnerable Republicans up for re-election or facing retirement then.


    Blogger Seven Star Hand said...

    Hey Guru,

    Karma can be a bitch when the time to pay the piper for such staggering hypocrisy rolls around. It just boggles the mind that holier-than-thou Christian leaders are so often involved in sick, sick, behavior. Just look at the history and current events of the Vatican and Papacy. See the patterns here?

    Notice that Larry Craig was nabbed on June, 11th? Notice the pattern of pivotal events repeatedly occurring on number 11 days during recent years? How many unlikely coincidences are necessary before one sees a strong pattern in the noise?

    Here is Wisdom !!

    2:34 PM, August 29, 2007  
    Blogger Anthony_Distler said...

    I didn't really look at the Idaho race as one, saying "Man, I really wish that incumbant goes down." Now, I do. I even added Larry LaRocco as one of my politicians I support on Facebook. Larry Craig is the emptiest of all the suits, a hypocrite, and I'm tired of these guys doing this stuff and getting away with it.

    10:53 AM, August 30, 2007  

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