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Friday, November 02, 2007

Friday Morning Rundown

  • You guys are awesome! We're up to 10 contributions for Rick Noriega, 20 contributions for Larry LaRocco, and 29 contributions for Andrew Rice! Can we get just one more contribution for Andrew Rice today to make it an even 30? (Heck, can we get just one more contribution for all three? Pretty please!)

  • New Mexico: Congressman Tom Udall may reconsider after all and run for Senate in 2008. Given how strong his poll numbers looked, that would be great news. Draft Udall! (Could Lt. Gov. Diane Denish's withdrawal from consideration be seen as a signal that Udall is getting that much more serious? I hope - and think - so.) With GOP Congresscritters Pearce and Wilson both running for Senate, we could see a New-Hampshire-in-2006-like shift in New Mexico. Stay tuned!

  • Colorado: One of the jobs of the DSCC, NRSC, and state Parties is, of course, to recruit candidates. The "establishment" may even favor one candidate over another in a primary. For instance, in New Hampshire, it's pretty clear that popular former Governor Jeanne Shaheen is the preferred candidate over Professor Jay Buckey. Also, in Oregon, Speaker Jeff Merkley seems to be the preferred candidate of the "establishment" over activist Steve Novick. That's not to say that there aren't members of the establishment who support Buckey or Novick or that Shaheen and Merkley aren't able to effectively reach out to the grassroots and netroots. Far from it. My point? I have never, ever seen so brazen a slam at a candidate by his own Party's leader as Backwards Bob Schaffer's Boss Dick Wadhams offers at County Commissioner Wayne Wolf:

    Colorado Republicans have essentially cast Wayne Wolf from the race to replace Sen. Wayne Allard, leaving the Delta County commissioner to consider a possible congressional bid instead.

    "We already have a de facto nominee, and I've told that to Commissioner Wolf," said GOP party chairman Dick Wadhams, referring to former U.S. Rep. Bob Schaffer. "Until someone shows me that they have as credible a campaign as Bob Schaffer, we only have one candidate."
    Wanting a political future, Commissioner Wolf will most likely play nice; but, jeez, is Wadhams kidding me? He's like an overbearing parent who yells at the neighbor's kid for shoving too hard in touch football or something. I suppose that's to be expected from George Macaca Allen's old Boss.

  • Maine: Collins Watch lays out in very simple terms Susan Collins' hypocrisy on fiscal responsibility.

  • Kentucky: Mitch McConnell is taking quite a bit of heat over hooking up with $25 million in earmarks big campaign donors who also happen to be in a bit of trouble for allegedly bribing a whole bunch of people and also under investigation by the Department of Justice and facing an audit by the Department of Defense. Is it too incendiary to call Mitch McConnell a whore ("3. A person considered as having compromised principles for personal gain.")?

  • Oregon: As a precursor to the vote on Michael Mukasey's nomination to be the next Attorney General (ugh), Loaded Orygun reminds us that Gordon Smith is pretty comfortable with torture.

  • Minnesota: MN Blue chronicles Smilin' Norm Coleman's latest flip-flop: the Law of the Sea Treaty.

  • Nebraska: The effort to draft Scott Kleeb is chugging along.

  • South Dakota: Badlands Blue looks at the potential field of Republican Senate candidates in 2008. It's looking pretty good for Senator Tim Johnson!

  • Texas: Burnt Orange Report has more on the Dick Cheney fundraising visit with John Cornyn, who, as it turns out, will magically be unable to attend the Cheney fundraiser for him.

  • New Hampshire: Hats off to Blue Hampshire blogger and Friend-of-the-Guru Dean Barker and others for getting the Wall Street Journal treatment.

  • Texas Republican Kay Bailey Hutchison can't even bring herself to say that George W. Bush is a better President than Bill Clinton was:

    MAHER: [overlapping] Who do you think was a better president: Bill Clinton or George W. Bush? [laughter]
    BAILEY HUTCHISON: Well, that’s not a fair question. [laughter] As you know. [applause]
    MAHER: It’s not?
    BAILEY HUTCHISON: You didn’t intend for it to be a fair question, I’m sure. But, of course—
    MAHER: Well, why isn’t that – why isn’t that fair? [laughter]
    BAILEY HUTCHISON: Well, because….I’m Republican. [laughter]
    Interesting. If you watch Bill Maher tonight, you'll catch Kos. And Maher updates his blog on The Huffington Post frequently, so check it out.


    Blogger Neal said...

    Looks like the Udall Senate Candidacy in New Mexico is becoming a reality. Assuming he gets in. New Mexico becomes a top tier pick up right behind Virginia.
    1)Virginia- Senator Elect Mark Warner
    2)New Mexico- Senator Elect Tom Udall
    3)New Hampshire- Senator Elect Jeanne Shaheen
    4)Colorado- Senator Elect Tom Udall

    11:16 AM, November 02, 2007  
    Blogger JeremiahTheMessiah said...

    Wow. Either Mark Udall changes his first name, or Tom gets elected from two states!


    12:15 PM, November 02, 2007  
    Blogger NewRed said...

    Would it be possible to debate and discuss candidates for office without making personal insults towards them, even when couched as a question and appended with a technical definition?

    12:15 PM, November 02, 2007  
    Blogger Senate2008Guru said...

    newred - absolutely, if Mitch McConnell stops acting in a fashion that would make a reasonable observer question whether or not he qualifies as a whore.

    12:40 PM, November 02, 2007  
    Blogger Josh I said...


    I understand that you are using a different definition but I suspect a lot of prostitues would be unhappy to be lumped in with Senator McConnell.

    12:59 PM, November 02, 2007  
    Blogger Senate2008Guru said...

    josh i - I wouldn't know anything about that. You'd have to ask David Vitter.

    1:09 PM, November 02, 2007  
    Blogger NewRed said...

    Well, that's disappointing. I didn't think this was a site that would engage in derogatory slurs, even if you felt justified in making them.

    2:33 PM, November 02, 2007  
    Blogger VA Blogger said...

    Neal, while Mark Warner and Jeanne Shaheen have clear paths to the Senate, you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn't have a (D) next to their name who thinks that New Mexico, even with Tom Udall, and Colorado won't be toss-up races, at least this far out.

    2:41 PM, November 02, 2007  
    Blogger Neal said...

    The reason why I would give Tom Udall an advantage in New Mexico is because New Mexico- based on the demographics is a Democratic leaning state and Udall not only represents 1/3 of the state like Pearce and Wilson but he also won statewide office in the past. Looking at Udall's Congressional race- He has won with 70% in NM-3. . In a matchup against Pearce- the conservative Republican candidate- Pearce did not get more than 60% of the vote in any of his Congressional races. Udall's base in Democratic NM-3 is stronger than Pearce/Wilson base in Republican NM-2. The key district NM-1(Wilson's District). Pearce loses NM-1 handily. Wilson who almost lost her seat in 2006 is likely to lose in NM-1 in 2008.

    3:15 PM, November 02, 2007  

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