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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Saturday Rundown

  • You have kicked butt on the Expand the Map! ActBlue page! Tom Allen has gotten to 20 contributions, Rick Noriega has gotten to 30, and Andrew Rice has gotten to 50! Meanwhile, we're close to two milestones: Larry LaRocco is 3 contributions shy of 40, and the entire page is just $51 shy of the $6,000 mark. Can we get Larry LaRocco just 3 more contributions this weekend? You guys are great! Thank you so much!

  • Stu Rothenberg has updated his 2008 Senate Ratings. And the changes from his November ratings all look good for Democrats. The Virginia seat moves from "Lean Takeover" to "Likely Takeover," New Mexico moves from "Toss-Up" to "Lean Takeover," Minnesota moves from a "Narrow" incumbent advantage to "Toss-Up," and Alaska moves from a "Clear" incumbent advantage to only a "Narrow" one. All Democratic seats remain in "Currently Safe," except for Louisiana, which remains in "Toss-Up."

  • Oklahoma: State Senator Andrew Rice will liveblog on Firedoglake TODAY at 2pm Eastern, 1pm Central (in about one hour!). He will, of course, discuss his 2008 Senate bid to oust anachronism Jim "In Denial" Inhofe.

  • Tennessee: It sounds like former Tennessee Democratic Party Chair Bob Tuke will join the 2008 Senate race and probably announce next week:

    It's almost certain that I'll be making an announcement, probably next week, that I'll be running against Senator Lamar Alexander for the Senate and I'm anxious to do it and I think it's important. ...

    It'll have to be a ground game. It will be a ground game. I'm a Marine; I know how to do that. ...

    The principal issue is change and, frankly, the absence of leadership. I've been disappointed, and I think a lot of Tennesseeans have, that Senator Alexander, who certainly has all the ability, has failed to deliver on leadership.
    Tuke will join a Democratic primary alongside former Nashville Mayoral candidate Ken Eaton, former Knox County Clerk Mike Padgett, and former Green Party candidate Chris Lugo.

  • Louisiana: Some big names from Louisiana's business community are coming out in support of the re-election bid of Senator Mary Landrieu:

    Jim Bernhard, CEO of the Shaw Group, and more than 20 other Louisiana business leaders will today join U.S. Senator Mary L. Landrieu, D-La., to discuss her success as a champion for Louisiana businesses and to show their support for her reelection later this year.

    The group of leaders endorsing Senator Landrieu will include Harmony Center founder and Baton Rouge Area Chamber board member Collis Temple, Jr., and Louisiana Recovery Authority board member Sean Reilly, COO and President of the Outdoor Division of Lamar Advertising Company.
    Senator Landrieu is demonstrating the broad range of support that will serve her very well in November.

  • Minnesota: If you look up "Norm Coleman" in a thesaurus, "bad for the economy" should be one of the synonyms. Meanwhile, both MN Blue and MNCR wonder why Mike Ciresi kicked $2 million of his own money into his campaign, with MNCR curious if it's a sign that Ciresi might go back on his pledge to have the DFL Convention determine the nominee and might fight on for a primary victory in September.

  • Texas: If John Cornyn is speaking, odds are he's being dishonest.

  • New Hampshire: Sprintin' John Sununu prattles on and on about his love of a regressive flat tax in front of a friendly right-wing crowd.

  • Which is worse for John McCain? His hypocritically close relationship with lobbyists or his close relationship with indicted Arizona Congressman Rick Renzi?

  • Stay tuned for a very big announcement from the Guru tomorrow!


    Blogger Josh I said...

    Big announcement?

    Is the Senate Guru running for Senate?

    1:35 PM, February 23, 2008  
    Blogger Glenn said...

    I was about to guess that.

    Maybe he's...from Wyoming? And he's going to announce he's running for Barrasso's seat?

    That would be one of the most awesome revelations this blog has seen. Ever.

    1:53 PM, February 23, 2008  
    Blogger Bobby Duncan said...

    This is by far the best Senate tracking blog, its possible the guru has earned some kind of recognition and even radio time on something like Air America.

    Thats my guess. Or maybe he's upgrdaing so his website is similar to Kos or MyDD.

    2:18 PM, February 23, 2008  
    Blogger KELL said...

    Big unknown annoucements can shake Wall Street - good thing it's coming out on a Sunday when the markets are closed!

    Maybe we'll have a "ranking" of races from the Guru, letting us know exactly how many Senate seats will change hands (my guess being VA, NM, NH, CO, MN, & AK).

    4:30 PM, February 23, 2008  

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