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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Real Republican Records

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, state Democratic Parties, and other organizations are making a concerted effort to make sure that voters know the real records of Republicans running for Senate in 2008. Here are some of the best websites chronicling the lackluster records, questionable ethics, and rife hypocrisy of the Republican Party's 2008 Senate candidates.

  • Alaska: Retire Ted unravels the web of scandal spawn by appearance-of-impropriety maven Ted Stevens.

  • Colorado: The Centennial State offers a two-fer, as Bob Schaffer On the Issues highlights Big Oil Bob's attempts to hide his right-wing positions on issues from Colorado voters, while Shifty Schaffer puts a spotlight on Backwards Bob's lies.

  • Kentucky: What's McConnell Hiding? asks a very important (and self-explanatory) question of the Senate's Republican ringleader and Obstructionist-in-Chief.

  • Maine: As its tagline makes clear, Collins Watch is charged with "keeping an eye on Maine's junior Senator," Susan Collins.

  • Mississippi: The Real Wicker highlights the ethically-questionable and all-too-cozy relationship Senate-appointee Roger Wicker has with corporate contributors and lobbyists.

  • New Hampshire: Stop Sununu illustrates how out of touch John Sununu is with Granite State voters and how he looks out for the Bush administration's corporate cronies instead of New Hampshire families.

  • Oregon: Stop Gordon Smith runs through the numerous hypocrisies and election cycle conversions of Gordon Smith, the "Say Anything Senator."

  • Texas: Stop Cornyn brings attention to the shoddy record of Bush-rubber-stamp John Cornyn.

  • Last but not least, Roadblock Republicans offers a thorough analysis of the Senate Republicans' record-breaking pace of obstructionism against a positive agenda of expanding health care, strengthening the economy, and bringing our troops home in a responsible and expedient manner.

    You should bookmark all of these sites and pass the links on to every voter you know!


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