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Friday, February 08, 2008

Friday Quick Hits

  • In December, I highlighted how Democratic Senators' own giving to the DSCC far outweighed Republican Senators' giving to the NRSC. Well, that didn't change in December:

    Notable contributions to the DSCC from campaign committees or “leadership PACs” of Democratic senators

    • Jeff Bingaman of New Mexico: $150,000
    • Joseph I. Lieberman* of Connecticut: $100,000
    • Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York: $100,000
    • Daniel K. Inouye of Hawaii: $75,000
    • Benjamin L. Cardin of Maryland: $50,000
    • Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota: $50,000
    • Byron L. Dorgan of North Dakota: $25,000
    • Debbie Stabenow of Michigan: $25,000
    • Daniel K. Akaka of Hawaii: $25,000
    • Ben Nelson of Nebraska: $25,000

    Notable contributions to the NRSC from campaign committees of Republican senators

    • Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky: $50,000
    • Senate Minority Whip Lamar Alexander of Tennessee: $25,000
    • John W. Warner of Virginia: $30,000
    How does this not totally deflate Republican donors? Republican Senators won't match Democratic Senators in giving to their own cause, so why should Republican donors bail them out?

  • Throughout 2007, NRSC fundraising efforts have been dwarfed by the DSCC. So the NRSC, in a conference call with conservative bloggers, announced a new fundraising gimmick:

    “On that line, we are in the next few days going to launch a new online program on the NRSC site called two seats, it is for users to donate money, we want it to become an important portal for our supports, it’s a one stop shop, they can learn more about candidates, as well as they can support them through donations, users can send the candidates slate to their family and friends…”
    A one-stop shop to learn about candidates and contribute online? You mean, like a website? Well, let's keep an open mind. Maybe it will be successful. Look at the Presidential race. In the days since Super Tuesday, Democrats Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have raised over $7 million and over $6 million, respectively. Republicans answered by attempting an online, one-day money-bomb. With Democrats raised millions, how much would this money-bomb need to be successful? One million? A few hundred thousand? How about $2,646 from 32 donors. That's less than half of the Expand the Map! ActBlue page. It probably shouldn't surprise you that I don't put much stock in Republicans' online fundraising efforts.

  • Tennessee: Attorney Kevin Doherty has decided against a 2008 Senate bid to challenge Republican Lamar Alexander. Rumored candidate attorney Lynn Todd Edgerton has also declined. This leaves activist Chris Lugo's longshot bid as the only Democratic campaign in the race.


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