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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Wednesday Rundown

  • Maine: Susan Collins has a very long history of manufacturing bogus controversies to falsely create a negative view of her political opponents. Back in 1996 during her first Senate bid, Collins worked with a reporter to portray her opponent's very run-of-the-mill opposition research effort as a sleazy dumpster dive for information. Then, last summer, she desperately tried to portray the Maine Democratic Party employing a video tracker as some sort of unorthodox and inappropriate bullying of her (even though Collins' own Party recommends the tactic!). Then, last autumn, Collins tried to make hay out of Congressman Tom Allen having missed a few votes, even though he has a remarkable 98% voting record. (It should be noted that some of the votes Allen missed that Collins and the ME-GOP tried to exploit for political gain were missed because Allen attended a family funeral. We still haven't heard an apology from Collins or the ME-GOP.)

    And now, Collins is trying her latest stunt. She is trying to make hay out of the fact that members have contributed money to Tom Allen and that Allen voted against the resolution condemning for the ad they took out questioning the validity of General Petraeus' status report on Iraq.

    Susan Collins has a record replete with lies, hypocrisies, and kowtowing to the far right wing of her Party. She really is one of the most disingenuous politicians in America. That is not hyperbole. A YouTuber has put together a video inspired by archconservative Rick Santorum calling Collins a "team player." (HT: TMB)

  • Minnesota: Anecdotal evidence is suggesting that Al Franken had a very big day at the DFL caucuses to determine which Democrat will take out Norm Coleman in November.

  • Oregon: It's his election year, so, of course, Republican Gordon Smith is vocally opposing cuts to Medicaid. Problem is, when it's not his election year, Smith has voted to cut $10 billion (with a B) from Medicaid. Smith is as hypocritical as they come.

  • Nebraska: Scott Kleeb says a decision will come on a possible 2008 Senate bid "within the next two weeks."

  • Illinois: Republican Steve Sauerberg won his Party's 2008 Senate nomination to face Senator Richard Durbin in November. One indicator of the race is cash-on-hand at the end of 2007: Durbin $7.3 million, Sauerberg $66,632. Yeah.

  • Mississippi: Roger Wicker must not enjoy being a Senate appointee. He's already missing very important votes. Ironically, one vote dealt with attendance requirements for Senators! It's one thing to miss a handful of votes over the course of a year. It's another thing to miss votes after being sworn in just two weeks ago!

  • Kentucky: Dr. Michael Cassaro is reportedly going to put $2 million of his own money into his 2008 Senate campaign to compete with his higher profile Democratic primary opponents.


    Blogger Ari said...

    Very good video by that YouTuber . . . but, geez, it's hard for me to refrain from making a bad joke in response to the final question in the video! (I know, bad of me to say that. And, because I'm a good Democrat who believes in the right to privacy, I couldn't care less about the, er, answer. But, hey, I'm sure I was not the only person to whom that punchline occurred after seeing the video . . . right, folks?)

    6:36 PM, February 06, 2008  
    Blogger mainefem said...

    fmi, re: Collins's incessant smokescreen tactics.

    Tom has plenty of ordinary folks, who have ActBlue pages--which start out w/a whopping $5.00 donation.

    9:47 PM, February 07, 2008  

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