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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Saturday Items

  • Latest Senate Line by WaPo's Cillizza: still 9 Republican-held seats and only 1 Democratic seat, Senator Mary Landrieu's Louisiana seat, which drops down the competitiveness list from 4 to 6. As recent-Republican state Treasurer John Neely Kennedy continues to disappoint with his bumbling mistakes, we'll see how low down the list Louisiana drops in coming months.

  • Kentucky: In an editorial simply titled "Obstructionist," the Louisville Courier-Journal again upbraids Republican Mitch McConnell, this time for obstructing progress on the Senate stimulus bill.

  • Maine: Collins Watch has a thorough analysis of the latest dishonest, desperate, and entirely substance-free attack by Susan Collins on Congressman Tom Allen's 2008 Senate campaign. Susan Collins has a long record of manufacturing bogus controversies - this is just the latest chapter in Collins' thoroughly dishonest history.

  • Montana: A third Republican has joined the 2008 GOP Senate primary race to see who gets whooped by Senator Max Baucus. The race is now between disgraced state rep. Mike Lange, engineering consultant Kirk Bushman, and newcomer Anton Pearson.

  • North Carolina: With more than half of 2008 Democratic Senate primary voters still undecided, State Senator Kay Hagan continues to lead in the polls.


    Blogger The Sleep said...

    The competition for first place on that Senate list is red hot. I personally am willing to go on record as saying that Udall has a slightly tighter lock on NM than Warner has on VA, and will win it by a larger margin. But then I went on record saying that Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco is more Catholic than the pope, when it turns out that the pope is in fact slightly more Catholic. What an embarrassment that was.

    9:53 PM, February 09, 2008  
    Blogger The Sleep said...

    PS: I'd put Mississippi above Kentucky, even with the election in Nov and the rich dude in the KY race.

    12:21 AM, February 10, 2008  

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