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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Saturday Briefs

  • Idaho: The Democratic candidate for Senate, former Congressman Larry LaRocco, will soon be releasing a new radio ad criticizing the record of Republican Jim Risch. Word is, it will focus on Risch's tough campaign talk against taxes contradicting his record in support of a 20% sales tax increase that applies to all items including groceries, which of course significantly impacts Idaho's families. Meanwhile, with the Senate Ethics Committee's admonishment of Larry Craig making news, the Idaho Democratic Party is urging the state Republican Party to take appropriate action. Republican Jim Risch is going to have to publicly comment on the Craig scandal at some point, or he'll just continue to face questions. Better sooner than later, Jim.

  • Texas: The TX-GOP and Bush-rubber-stamp John Cornyn, devoid of any fresh ideas or positive record to run on, are resorting to more slime as they prepare a Swift Boat-style attack on State Representative and Lieutenant Colonel Rick Noriega.

  • Michigan: Republican Rocky Raczkowski, who was creamed by Senator Carl Levin 61-38 in 2002, has decided against a 2008 Senate bid, leaving state rep. Jack Hoogendyk as the Republican's likely sacrificial lamb. (HT: Michigan Liberal)

  • Kansas: Very disappointing news as businessman Greg Orman has withdrawn from the 2008 Senate race. Orman had shown significant promise, particularly by outraising incumbent Republican Pat Roberts in contributions from individuals in Q4-2007, about $450,000 to $350,000. This leaves Lee Jones as the Democrat in the race. In 2004, Jones was defeated soundly by Republican Sam Brownback, 69-28.

  • Oregon: Gordon Smith, the "Say Anything Senator," has been caught in yet another election cycle hypocrisy, this time on health care.

  • South Carolina: Despite earlier rhetoric to the contrary, Lindsey Graham is getting very comfortable with waterboarding.

  • Mississippi: Democratic former State Representative Erik Fleming, who is challenging Thad Cochran this year, shares his thoughts on the race via Mississippi blog Cotton Mouth.


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