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Saturday, February 24, 2007

No Trade-backs

Hope you're off to a relaxing weekend:

  • Iowa: Political Wire highlights a Harkin-Vilsack switcherumor:

    "With former Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack’s decision today to end his quest for the Democratic presidential nomination, an aide to Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) shot down speculation that Harkin would not seek re-election and pave the way for Vilsack to run for Senate."
    Harkin is all lined-up to go for another term. But Chuck Grassley is up in 2010, when he'll be 77 and still languishing in the minority party, which he hates. Rumors of his retirement at the end of this term will certainly pop up, and hopefully Vilsack will get in there to run for the Senate seat.

  • Connecticut: Joe Lieberman reiterates that he has no intention of switching to the GOP, for what that is worth. Regardless, Political Insider explains why a Lieberman switch would not flip control of the Senate.


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