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Friday, March 30, 2007

John Sununu, Far-Right Winger

  • New Hampshire: Sprintin' John Sununu's approval languishes under 50% and he loses in a hypothetical match-up by a significant margin, garnering barely one-third of voters' support and losing almost one-fifth of Republican voters to the hypothetical Democratic candidate, former Governor Jeanne Shaheen. Why could this be?

    The answer is simple. New Hampshire is a moderate state, and John Sununu is a far-right winger. "Prove it!" you demand?

    How did Sununu vote on implementing the 9/11 Commission's recommendations? Against.

    How about drilling in ANWR? For.

    How did Sununu vote on mandating a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq? He voted for stripping a mandatory withdrawal date from funding legislation.

    What about something as simple as increasing the minimum wage? Against.

    How about stem cell research - even Orrin Hatch voted yes. How did Sununu vote? Against.

    And Terry Schiavo's husband reminds us that John Sununu sided with right wing extremists in that situation as well.

    Time and time again, Sprintin' John Sununu votes with the far-right wing rather than actually represent the sensible, moderate electorate of New Hampshire.

    Any wonder Sununu's a top electoral target? He is perhaps the single most out-of-touch-with-his-constituents Senator up in 2008.

    (Thanks to an astute reader for sharing the links to the roll call votes.)


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