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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Texas Draft and NRSC Stagnation

  • Texas: Former Tom Delay opponent Richard Morrison ushers in the Draft Rick Noriega effort. There's even a Draft Rick Noriega blog. (Despite visual similarities, there's no association between that blog and the Guru's blog.) Morrison's post offers an impressive rundown of Noriega's background and experience.

  • Almost a month ago, the Guru highlighted how much more active the DSCC has been than the NRSC has. Well, here's a conservative blogger who agrees:

    Three months into the 2008 cycle, one indicator of attention to detail and overall competence strongly suggests that Chuck Schumer`s DSCC will once again throttle the NRSC just as it did in the last cycle. ...

    By contrast, the NRSC`s site looks as it might have the day after last year`s elections. ... Frankly, one might think that the page had been abandoned completely. ...

    Stick to contributing to individual campaigns, because anything that goes to the NRSC is money down the drain.
    A ringing endorsement, indeed. The conservative wing of the blogosphere is already wary of the NRSC. NRSC Chair Ensign has inherited the most futile job in politics.


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