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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Weekend Round-Up

  • New Mexico: MSNBC/Newsweek says, "Fifty-eight percent of those surveyed–including 45 percent of Republicans–say the ouster of the federal prosecutors was driven by political concerns." If you happen to agree, and would like to see a Senate ethics investigation occur regarding Pajamas Pete Domenici's role in the scandal and whether he violated Senate ethics policy, I'd suggest giving the Senate Select Committee on Ethics a ring at 202-224-2981 and letting them know that an investigation would be an appropriate course of action.

  • Oregon: MyDD's Singer suggests that Rep. David Wu may be open to considering a Senate challenge to Gordon Smith after all. Singer also highlights this Oregonian story about Smith towing the GOP party line:

    This is the same Smith who usually votes with Republican Senate leaders, champions Bush tax cuts and -- until December -- firmly supported the administration's Iraq policy.
    The firmest position Gordon Smith takes is his finger being firmly positioned in the wind during an election cycle. Meanwhile, Blue Oregon wonders why Gordon Smith's campaign committee is based in Virginia instead of, say, Oregon.

  • Colorado: Colorado Pols has GOP state AG John Suthers conversing with national folks about a Senate bid. A nasty free-for-all CO-GOP Senate primary between former Reps. Scott McInnis and Bob Schaffer, state AG Suthers, CO Secretary of State Mike Coffman, and talk radio conservative Dan Caplis would be one of the most captivating electoral car wrecks in history. We'll have to wait and see who actually files papers as the months go on, but the Guru can dream, can't he?

  • North Carolina: BlueNC questions Elizabeth Dole's silence on the U.S. Attorney firing scandal.


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