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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Exiting, Entering, and Everything In Between

  • Courtesy of TPM Cafe, a plurality of Americans want Congress to withhold Iraq funding until Bush agrees to withdrawal conditions. So much for the Administration claiming any semblance of a mandate (and so much for obstructionist McConnell Republicans having any semblance of political cover).

  • Idaho: Speaking of Americans wanting a new direction, Democratic former Congressman Larry LaRocco formally announced his Senate candidacy, saying that he believes "we need to take our country in a new direction—a new direction based on the core Idaho values of independence, accountability, and responsibility." Sounds like Senator Jon Tester's message of making Washington D.C. look a little more like Montana - let's hope it resonates as well. LaRocco's website is up. mcjoan, in the aforelinked post, also notes that GOP Lt. Gov. Jim Risch, like state AG Jon Bruning in Nebraska waiting for Chuck Hagel's decision, has been pretty rabid about claiming the inside track should Larry Craig opt for retirement, which may not be pleasing too many people.

  • Alabama: The University of Alabama's newspaper looks at possible challengers to Republican Jeff Sessions and has these kind words for Agriculture & Industry Commissioner Ron Sparks:

    In just a matter of weeks, Sparks has become somewhat of a media darling in Alabama. Not so much in the mainstream media, but among left leaning blogs he's being hailed as the Democratic Party's savior for the race against Sessions.

    And to be honest, the more I read and learn about him, I'm quickly thinking the same way. He's won two statewide elections - the most recent in which he received almost 60 percent of the vote. That leads me to think he has a chance. Plus, he seems sincere and I like his stance on the issues he's chose to speak out on. ...

    I know for certain that whomever the Democratic Party nominates in Alabama will be better suited to serve our interests and working families than Sessions is doing. I would like to see a candidate emerge in the next few months so we can all rally around him or her and focus on getting Sessions out of office.
    I will avoid any puns here, but it's a positive sign to see this discussion occuring in the pages of college campus newspapers. (HT: Sack Sessions)

  • Minnesota: MCR catches Smilin' Norm Coleman shockingly not doing his job.

  • Louisiana: Polling continues to show Republican Bobby Jindal with a significant lead over John Breaux for Governor and Mary Landrieu for Senate. Unfortunately for the NRSC, Jindal is running for Governor, not Senate. The only polling of a Republican who might actually run for Senate against Landrieu (where the numbers were actually publicly released) showed Landrieu with a healthy lead.

    UPDATE (9:43pm): Minnesota: Think Progress offers more insight on Norm Coleman's lack of due diligence that MCR discussed in the aforelinked post.


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