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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Nebraska Reverberations and Other News

  • Nebraska: Two thoughtful recaps of Jon Bruning's move: New Nebraska Network from the left and Leavenworth Street from the right. Both agree that if Bruning goes in, he better go all the way or his political career is over. Also, Omaha Mayor Mike Fahey says that "his final decision [on whether to run for Senate] won't come until the end of the year."

  • Oregon: The Draft DeFazio blog highlights Congressman DeFazio's terrific record on veterans' issues, tax fairness, and the environment. It's the kind of outstanding record Gordon Smith could only pretend to have (and might try to!).

  • Idaho: Whoa! Did roughly 80% of Larry Craig's fundraising come from PAC's (and most of that from oil companies?!)?

    Craig's fundraising — $125,000 so far this year — nearly matches the amount he raised by this stage of the 2002 election, when he eventually raised more than $3 million. ... Most of Craig's recent fundraising — $100,000 — came from political action committees, a number of them associated with large energy companies with interests before Craig's Energy and Natural Resources Committee. Among them were oil industry giants Exxon Mobil and Sunoco.
    Does Larry Craig even know who his constituents are anymore? Or can C-SPAN just start recognizing him as "Larry Craig (R-Big Oil)"?

  • Want to laugh and cry and cringe at the same time? Check out "The Top 15 Most Embarrassing Photos of George W. Bush."


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