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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Overnight Quick Hits

  • Colorado: Scott McInnis spent over $50,000 to not run for Senate.

  • Texas: FireDogLake looks at John Cornyn's senseless position on Alberto Gonzales and reminds us of his relationship with Jack Abramoff.

  • Maine: If you live in Maine and care about the Supreme Court's recent decision limiting a woman's right to choose, remember that Susan Collins, who claims to be pro-choice, voted for Sam Alito's confirmation to the Supreme Court. And John Roberts. More Two-Faced Susan hypocrisy?

  • Idaho: Perhaps another reason to vote for Larry LaRocco? Idaho's current Congressional delegation has been ranked the least powerful state delegation in the nation.

  • North Carolina: Elizabeth Dole's approval continues to squeak just barely above 50%.

  • Bill Maher is, again, right on.


    Blogger Blue South said...

    That poll means nothing. Reasons I dont trust that Elon Poll in NC:
    #1 In 2006 they refused to poll Hayes Kissell until october because it "wasnt even close". Im not sure how you figure that out without polling... But the 327 vote margin would sure speak against that point of view
    #2 They dont poll likely voters. They dont even poll voters. They poll houses.
    #3 On the Presidential question they asked: "Who do you plan on voting for President in November of 2008?" Zero Names were given, Zero Party IDs.
    #4 They ask the wierdest questions. Their phrasing doesnt match up with any other polling group. Their methodology is weird.
    #5 They are ridicuously biased, and uninformed. 52-30 is much better than she has been given in most other polling, but it is still below the 2-1 threshold most pollsters like to see. yet, what was their spin?
    "Poll director Hunter Bacot said that while the numbers leave Dole "sitting pretty," he was surprised the state's senior senator didn't have support around the 60 percent level."

    10:01 AM, April 21, 2007  
    Blogger VA Blogger said...

    You forgot the biggest reason you don't trust that Elon Poll:

    #6 It shows a result that you don't like.

    3:15 PM, April 21, 2007  
    Blogger Blue South said...

    I thought you didnt post on the weekends? Oh well, so much for that.

    Anyway, I would love to see you defend this poll and polling group. It would be a fun conversation. So have at it, try and show how any of the points that I brought up are wrong or unimportant.

    5:46 PM, April 21, 2007  
    Blogger Johnny C said...

    Hey VA you are always demanding unbiased opinion. So tell me how on earth does polling houses - not even registered voters produce results than anyone should give any weight. Really do you think that Blue South would be dancing in the street if the poll showed Dole at 0%? I just polled my living room and that is the result I got and it means at least as much as the Elon poll.

    You always claim to want even handed discussion so instead of just insulting Blue South please explain why we should trust this poll.

    7:40 PM, April 21, 2007  

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