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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Tuesday Night Quick Hits

  • Idaho: Expect Democratic former Congressman Larry LaRocco's Senate announcement next week.

  • Maine: Americans United for Change illustrates Susan Collins' adherence to Bush policy via video.

  • Oregon: Sirota recognizes that Rep. Peter DeFazio's biggest strength is that he is a genuine people-person and has real populist cross-over appeal:

    DeFazio is one of the strongest progressive populists in Congress, building up a profile and voting record on working-people issues that is the antithesis of that prescribed by the likes of the Democratic Leadership Council. Beltway conventional wisdom would have you look at his record and assume that his district must be solidly Democratic, but it's not.
  • Alabama: The ongoing pet food recall suggests that the U.S. Senate could use an expert on protecting our nation's food supply like Ron Sparks.


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