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Monday, May 07, 2007

Bleeding Kansas and Coleman's Consultants

  • Kansas: Kansas has recently been wracked by tragically destructive tornados. Deepest condolences go out to everyone whose lives were impacted by these unfortunate events. One aspect of this tragedy feeds into a larger policy debate going on in the country right now. As Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius points out, personnel, equipment, and other resources diverted to Bush's Iraq War contributed to a slower response by the National Guard to the emergency. If the Iraq War was not going on right now, the National Guard would have had more resources available for a quicker response to the emergency. It is just another reason why a majority of Americans have come to oppose the Iraq War and support troop withdrawal.

    Republican Senator Pat Roberts of Kansas, who is up for re-election next year, should take notice. He has been a reliable Bush rubber stamp on Iraq and other issues. Meanwhile, his approval rating as of last month clocked in at a weak 48-39, with his approval below 50% among both men and women and his approval among Republicans at only 67% (in other words, 1 out of every 3 Kansas Republicans either actively disapproves of Roberts or isn't sure). And this is down from a still-unimpressive 51-36 approval-disapproval last November. Hopefully, someone will make the case that Kansas can have better representation in the Senate than Pat Roberts who rubber stamps Bush's Iraq policy, which did Kansas no favors this weekend.

    (Also note: as far as Kansas' choice in state-level and national-level chief executives go, Kansans approve of Governor Kathleen Sebelius' performance by a massive 70-27 margin, while George W. Bush's approval-disapproval in Kansas limps along at 37-58.)

  • Minnesota: MN Campaign Report highlights some interesting tidbits about Smilin' Norm Coleman's campaign spending:

    Coleman's FEC report indicates total quarterly spending of more than $408,000. Of that total, $230,000 went to four consulting firms, only one of which is based in Minnesota. ...

    But the blue ribbon goes to FLS Connect, a firm located in Saint Paul. Coleman paid the firm more than $165,700 for various services during the quarter. The firm markets itself as a one-stop shop for campaign media and management.

    FLS Connect lists its address at 7300 Hudson Blvd, Suite 270 in Saint Paul. The Coleman campaign lists its address as 7300 Hudson Boulevard, Suite 270A in Saint Paul. Coincidence?
    Coleman spends more than half of his Q1 outlays on political consultants, I suppose to help him try to fool voters into thinking that he hasn't already departed from mainstream Minnesota beliefs.


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