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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Republican "Responsibility"

  • Colorado: Conservative former Rep. Bob Schaffer made a funny:

    Bob Schaffer outlined his 2008 senate-election platform at the Lincoln Day Dinner Saturday. ...

    He said that Republicans should be more economically responsible, such as the Reagan administration was.
    Hmmm... Reagan administration... economically responsible... well, let's check the statistics (in PDF). National debt in 1980 at the start of the Reagan administration: just over $900 billion, or about one-third of our annual GDP. National debt in 1988 at the end of the Reagan administration: over $2.6 trillion, or just over one-half of our annual GDP. That's what Bob Schaffer calls "economically responsible"?? Nearly tripling the national debt in eight years? Wow.

  • Kentucky: Ditch Mitch KY's Gunterman offers us a two-fer. First, he looks at the source of humiliation that Larry Forgy has the potential to be for Mitch McConnell. Then, he picks up on Charlie Owen meeting with Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer. Could an official Owen for Senate announcement be down the line? MyDD's Singer also offers some thoughts on the Draft Larry Forgy movement.

  • Maine: The ever-vigilant Collins Watch catches some more astroturfing courtesy of Susan Collins' sycophants.

  • Oregon: Blue Oregon speculates that Gordon Smith, who has claimed to be against the Iraq War since just after Election Day 2006, may have been instrumental in stripping the timeline provisions that would have brought about an end to the Iraq War that Smith claims to be against. Sound like double-talk to you? Yeah, me too.

  • Two last things. First, I want to wish Mary Cheney and her new baby best wishes, long life, and good health. Second, I would like to point out that if Mary Cheney's father's boss and handlers have their way, the unrelated, unmarried woman that Mary lives with, her partner of 15 years, Heather Poe, will never have any legally recognized ties to the child.


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