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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Thursday Morning Tidbits

  • Alabama: In an article entitled "War on Dumb: Jeff Sessions' backtrack on Iraq", Birmingham Weekly hammers Sessions' lack of logic and wonders if Sessions is "losing his nerve." (HT: Sack Sessions)

  • New Hampshire: Dean at Blue Hampshire gives us a two-fer. First, Portsmouth Mayor Steve Marchand scores perhaps the most notable endorsement to date: progressive businessman and almost-Senate-candidate Gary Hirshberg. Second, Dean highlights an episode in which Sprintin' John Sununu lacks the support of his own Party's leadership. Shows how much Sununu's Senate "experience" is worth, especially compared to a Democratic replacement who would most likely be a member of the body's majority Party.

  • Nebraska: SSP diarist DaveSund recaps the most recent developments in the Nebraska Senate race, including that it looks like state AG Jon Bruning will officially announce his Senate campaign in June - meaning that if Chuck Hagel wants in, he'll have a tough primary challenge.

  • Kentucky: Two bits of bad news for Mitch McConnell. First, Draft Forgy sees corrupt Governor Ernie Fletcher picking a Larry Forgy ally to chair the KY-GOP. And Ditch Mitch KY sees 2003 Lt. Gov. nominee Charlie Owen moving closer to entering the 2008 Senate race. DMKY mentions:

    Owen is McConnell’s worst nightmare. As a former Assistant U.S. Attorney and head of the Kentucky Crime Commission, he is poised to become the Henry Waxman of the Senate, a champion of progressives in rooting out the stench of corruption left behind by McConnell and his pal Jack Abramoff (who gave $16,000 to McConnell).
    Great stuff! Can't wait to see McConnell turn into a pretzel over these challenges.

  • MyDD's Armstrong has heard that Al Gore's new book, The Assault on Reason, "will debut on the [New York Times]'s non-fiction best-seller list at #1 this coming Sunday." Between the success of The Assault on Reason and the Oscar for An Inconvenient Truth and the Live Earth concerts and a possible Nobel Peace Prize, this has been quite a year for the former Vice President. I wonder what would make it even better? (You can buy a copy of The Assault on Reason here.)


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