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Friday, May 25, 2007

Coming Due

  • While there is much discussion over which Democratic Presidential candidate would be the most helpful to downticket candidates, like those running for the Senate and House, it's becoming clear that none of the current Republicans Presidential candidates will offer much in the way of enthusiasm or coattails for downticket GOP candidates, what with 57% of Republicans unsatisfied with the current crop of GOP Prez primary choices.

  • Texas: Atrios notes that John "Box Turtle" Cornyn's most recent Friedman Unit on Iraq comes due tomorrow. I wonder if Cornyn's office will issue a release tomorrow on all of the great progress we've been seeing on the ground in Iraq.

  • Kentucky: DMKY highlights the National League of Women Voters taking Mitch McConnell to task for his "cheap political trick to keep legal, eligible voters out of the electoral process."

  • New Hampshire: When Blue Hampshire puts it like this, I have to wonder - maybe Sprintin' John Sununu didn't realize he was voting on Iraq. Maybe he just kind of missed it. Oh, and BH's Barker also rightly throws in jabs at Sununu's idiocy on health care and hypocrisy on the minimum wage. Additionally, Portsmouth Mayor Steve Marchand's endorsements continue to garner earned media, while awkwardly slipped into the middle of the article is former Governor Jeanne Shaheen's spokesperson noting that the former Governor is "still contemplating a run at the U.S. Senate."


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