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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thursday Night Quick Hits

  • It should probably help Congressional Democratic incumbents and challengers at the polls that Americans trust Democrats over Republicans on, well, every single issue.

  • South Carolina: Republicans in South Carolina are taking shots at Lindsey Graham. The York County Republican Party chairman issued a call to action e-mail against Graham this week regarding immigration legislation. Also, "Graham was booed last weekend at the state GOP convention for supporting the [immigration legislation] measure." What's with Republicans booing their own lately? Back in mid-April, Norm Coleman had his name thoroughly booed at a rally held by anti-tax conservatives at the Minnesota state capitol. And just a few days back, "Shameless" Saxby Chambliss got booed at a Republican convention. It doesn't seem like the GOP base is very excited about their incumbents.

  • Maine: Congressman Tom Allen took some time out of his schedule to do some blogospheric outreach, dicussing, among other things, how Susan Collins has been very wrong on issues like the Iraq War and giant tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans.

  • New Hampshire: With the count standing at one vote shy in the Senate of overturning Bush's veto on stem cell legislation, Sprintin' John Sununu is taking even more heat for his position against research that could cure pesky things like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases. There is even geared toward urging Sununu to vote to overturn Bush's veto and allow this life-saving research. In other Granite State goingson, Portsmouth Mayor Steve Marchand stuck it to Sprintin' Sununu on Iraq and announced a bunch of notable endorsements.

  • Oregon: Blue Oregon (and many others) is astounded by how many times Gordon Smith can flip and flop and flip and flop on Iraq. Meanwhile, the Ashland Daily Tidings profiles support for a possible Senate run by State Senator Alan Bates.

  • New Mexico: As Pajamas Pete Domenici's approval numbers continue to sag, Monica Goodling's House Judiciary testimony yesterday has led to more questions for Domenici in regards to the source of his sinking poll numbers, his role in the Attorney Purge scandal, beginning with who Domenici and his staff actually, really, really spoke to and when those conversations occured. While Domenici's poll drop is levelling off, the Attorney Purge scandal isn't going anywhere, so the poll numbers should cement right around the 50% line. Once again, quite a plummet from the high 60's.

  • Colorado: Conservative Bob Schaffer's nascent campaign's staff consists of notable electoral losers.

  • Alabama: America is a wondeful melting pot of peoples and cultures. That is, unless you believe, as Jeff Sessions does, that people from other countries simply "create cultural problems." So much for the melting pot, I guess.

  • Kentucky: If you don't think that corrupt Ernie Fletcher's gubernatorial GOP primary victory will be a constant source of embarrassment and consternation for Mitch McConnell, think again.

  • Greatest bird ever.


    Blogger VA Blogger said...

    Its really amazing how you can single out Gordon Smith for "flip-flopping" on Iraq when his voting record is remarkably similar to folks like Jim Webb and Jon Tester, two anti-Iraq War Democrats whom you have glowingly mentioned about four dozen times in this blog.

    Perhaps if you and other liberal bloggers want more Senators in the mold of Webb and Tester (as you claim to every time you make a superficial comparison between them and literally any Democrat challenging a red-state Republican), perhaps you should support the Sentors currently in office who share a similar voting record on the Iraq War. Like Gordon Smith.

    If not, then I'll be expecting a post shortly from you denouncing your heroes Webb and Tester for similarly flip-flopping on the Iraq War, and thus don't deserve to be in office.

    What do you think will happen to Domenici's numbers once the U.S. Attorney story goes away? Its not as if it will continue for another 18 months. Do you see it staying in the low-50's, or do you think he might rebound?

    And its extremely interesting in Kentucky that the ONLY people who have made hay about McConnell's quote "embarassment" in the Governor's primary are liberal blogs who are aiming to unseat McConnell (with a phantom opponent) and Larry Forgy himself. I wouldn't call that a "constant source" of anything, other than irrelevent background noise. As Minority Leader of the Senate, Mitch McConnell has far more important things to worry about than what any silly out-of-state liberal blogger thinks about his re-election chances, and what a guy whose only accomplishment is losing a statewid bid 12 years ago plans for 2008. And since Fletcher's defeat is almost all-but-certain in November, any "faction war" that the liberal blogosphere invents in a bout of wishful thinking will go away as soon as that happens.

    10:01 AM, May 25, 2007  

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