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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Post-Holiday Weekend Rundown

  • Idaho: Don't forget that tonight is the liveblog session on IdaBlue with Democratic former Congressman Larry LaRocco, the only announced candidate for Senate in 2008 from Idaho. 10pm Eastern, 9pm Central, 8pm Mountain, 7pm Pacific.

  • Texas: Congressman Nick Lampson will be running for re-election to the House rather than challenging John Cornyn for the Senate seat. The Texas netroots seem pleased with the decision. To be honest, I am a bit surprised. I figured that Lampson's political calculation would result in him deciding that it would be less difficult to challenge the unpopular Cornyn statewide than it would be to hold his seat in the Republican-leaning district (Tom Delay's old district), and that that calculation would be his deciding factor, cynical as that may be. Perhaps Lampson's decision will prompt others to announce their 2008 intentions.

  • Alaska: The FBI is investigating the remodeling of Ted Stevens' home due to the project's relationship with the corrupt VECO Corporation.

  • Oregon: Blue Oregon's ever-vigilant Kari Chisholm notes that, yes, Gordon Smith's pants are on fire regarding Iraq, as Smith springboards from his pro-Iraq War vote to a fundraising spree. Also, Portland City Commissioner Randy Leonard and the good folks at Loaded Orygun have very kind words for Smith callenger Steve Novick, including: "Steve will speak 'truth to power' every day he serves in the Senate" and "Steve Novick could literally change the face of debate in the United States Congress."

  • Kentucky: DMKY sees the Lexington Herald-Leader calling Mitch McConnell out for passing the buck on Iraq mismanagement from the Bush administration and GOP leadership to the Iraqi people. Meanwhile, the conservative netroots are increasingly disenchanted with McConnell and promoting the Draft Larry Forgy movement.

  • Alabama: Even Bush rubber stamp Jeff Sessions is beginning to sweat on Iraq. Well, even in Alabama, Bush's approval is in the low-40's and his disapproval in the mid-50's. Could Sparksmania also be helping to add a little sweat to the brow of Jeff Sessions?

  • Minnesota: MNCR will be interviewing Nobel Laureate and possible Senate candidate Dr. Peter Agre this evening. If you have ideas for questions you'd like to see asked, share them with MNCR.

  • Whoa! A Republican apparently lying in order to cover for her involvement in an inappropriate, potentially illegal act. I know. I'm shocked, too.


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