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Friday, May 25, 2007

Stepping into the Ring in the Deep South

  • Georgia: I've said several times that the Peach State seems to have had the most significant Dem-to-GOP shift over the last decade. Nevertheless, "Shameless" Saxby Chambliss is still vulnerable against the right challenger (and, again, he is the incumbent I would most like to see fall in '08). InsiderAdvantage, the same polling outfit that saw Chambliss beating "Conservative Democrat" Vernon Jones 48-31, had Chambliss barely squeaking out a lead, within the margin of error, against former Governor Roy Barnes, 42-40. While Barnes is ostensibly done with electoral politics for himself, this should hopefully serve as encouragement to the likes of Congressman Jim Marshall and state Attorney General Thurbert Baker and others should they be considering a run. Chambliss isn't invincible just because of Georgia's trend - Chambliss is, in fact, quite, well, vincible. It doesn't help Chambliss much that his base is booing him and that he is delusional enough to think that the progress in Iraq is "truly amazing." DKos diarist MrLiberal offers further thoughts on the poll and possible Chambliss challengers.

  • Kentucky: Draft Forgy gives us a two-fer on a possible primary challenger to Mitch McConnell. First, DF picks up the National Journal reporting on Forgy apparently warming to the idea: "Early reports are that Forgy, the party's 1995 gubernatorial nominee, appears willing to do so." Second, DF picks up on reports that corrupt Ernie Fletcher's vanquished GOP primary foes won't stand with him at the GOP unity rally - this of course includes McConnell sycophant Anne Northup. And this is also the scenario under which Forgy originally suggested McConnell might face a primary challenge. How long will McConnell-Northup kick the Forgy-Fletcher beehive before Forgy stings 'em?

  • Alabama: Perhaps the best blog name in the blogosphere is Doc's Political Parlor & Home of Lawn Mower Repair. Today, DPP offers us a look at Jeff Sessions' potential challengers. The post suggests that Commissioner Ron Sparks' candidacy is very likely and also that State Senator Vivian Figures' candidacy is more likely than I originally thought.

  • Personal note: I think it's very encouraging that on a lovely Friday afternoon, a little more than 17 months before Election Day 2008, we're discussing potentially competitive (albeit obviously uphill) Senate races in Georgia, Kentucky, and Alabama.

  • Fox News offers about half the Iraq coverage of CNN and MSNBC, but about double the Anna Nicole Smith coverage. Is there really a need for more reasons to scoff at Fox?


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