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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

From the Horse's Mouth

  • Kentucky: The Bridge says they have a source close to the Stumbo family saying that Democratic state AG Greg Stumbo is considering a Senate bid. Meanwhile, DMKY picks up on the Lexington Herald-Leader chastising Mitch McConnell for his support of anonymous "holds" obstructing legislation. It's enough to make one ask, "What's McConnell hiding?"

  • New Hampshire: Blue Hampshire has posted video of the NH-Dem Convention speeches by Portsmouth Mayor Steve Marchand, Katrina Swett, and professor/former astronaut Jay Buckey.

  • Minnesota: Yesterday, the Guru said, in response to Al Franken's HuffPo column on public financing of elections, that it would be "extra-classy" of Franken to cite his own potential primary opponent, Nobel Laureate Dr. Peter Agre, as a reason why public financing is good, to give those with less resources but impressive experience a greater voice against better-funded opponents. Well, a little birdie passed on to me this USA Today letter from two weeks ago that does just that. The Guru swears he didn't know about this letter beforehand; so, Mr. Franken, you've earned some "extra-classy" points from the Guru.

  • Oregon: Blue Oregon wonders if State Senator Alan Bates should "go negative" on Gordon Smith, should Bates enter the Senate race. It depends on the definition of "go negative." If that means saying "Gordon Smith is a jerk," then, no, Bates shouldn't go negative. If, however, that means saying "Gordon Smith has been disingenuous with us on Iraq and doesn't represent us in the Senate nearly as well as Ron Wyden does; I, Alan Bates, could do a much better job for Oregon than Gordon Smith does," then, yes, Bates should say that. And he should say that frequently to lots and lots of Oregon voters.

  • Last week, Bill O'Reilly worried about the white, Christian, male power structure. This week, Fox News can't tell the difference between African-American Congressmen. Is Fox News just flat-out racist?


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