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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Fourth of July Quick Hits

  • Oregon: A demonstration of the importance of bloggers as a co-equal branch of the media: Loaded Orygun files FOIA requests regarding Gordon Smith's involvement in SalmonGate.

  • New Hampshire: Blue Hampshire recalls John Sununu's very strong language in reaction to President Clinton's offenses leading to his impeachment, and wonders why Sununu is so silent regarding Bush's commutation of Scooter Libby.

  • Louisiana: Mary Landrieu took in another $1.2 million in Q2, bringing her campaign account to about $2.7 million at the end of June.

  • Kentucky: Gov. Ernie Fletcher appointed former GOP gubernatorial nominee and possible Senate candidate Larry Forgy to two state Boards. Certainly beefs up his profile and resume for a possible 2008 Senate primary challenge to Mitch McConnell.

  • Idaho: Spokesman Review's Eye on Boise offers some interesting background in advance of a possible Rancher Rex Rammell-Lt. Gov. Jim Risch Republican Senate primary if/when Larry Craig retires:

    Rammell already went up against then-Gov. Risch after dozens of Rammell’s domestic elk, which were raised on a fenced ranch where out-of-staters paid hefty fees to shoot them, escaped into the wild. Risch ordered them all killed, over Rammell’s vehement objections. Later, Rammell’s daughter Amanda was crowned Miss Idaho, and said she’d refuse to pose for a photo with Gov. Risch because of the dispute.
    No love lost there. Expect Rammell to happily go for the political jugular every chance he gets.

  • Montana: Speaking of Rammell, it seems that he got more positive press hits after his Senate announcement, despite being a lower profile candidate entering a primary, than disgraced Mike Lange got upon his campaign announcement, despite being the apparent nominee-to-be in Montana. Yet another bad sign for Lange.

  • Minnesota: MN Blue has some interesting conversations with holiday weekend BBQ-goers and Al Franken staffers.

  • Texas: The Dallas Morning News profiles San Antonio attorney and Senate candidate Mikal Watts, focusing a lot on the overlapping of abilities between persuading juries and persuading voters. (HT: BOR)


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