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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sunday Briefs

  • Idaho: Dan Popkey says that an announcement from Larry Craig on retirement vs. a re-election bid will come in mid-September. Also in Popkey's article, GOP Rep. Mike Simpson apparently shuts the door on the possibility of a Senate bid should Craig retire. (HT: MountainGoat) I would bet on a retirement announcement, but Popkey's last paragraph alludes to the expectation of a re-election bid. Help encourage a Craig retirement by sending a campaign contribution to 2008 Democratic Senate candidate and former Congressman Larry LaRocco.

  • New Hampshire: This Seacoast Online article offers that, while undecided former Governor Jeanne Shaheen would likely be the strongest candidate to take out Sprintin' John Sununu given recent polls, Portsmouth Mayor Steve Marchand's breadth of endorsements and grassroots support also well positions him to challenge Sununu. The article also includes, "While many Democrats like to believe Sununu will be ousted by any candidate, [New Hampshire Institute of Politics senior adviser Jennifer] Donahue said Sununu still has time to reverse the stigma that he is a rubber stamp." I would respectfully disagree with that statement. At this point, Sununu has rubber-stamped Bush's policies on Iraq, health care, taxes, judicial nominees, energy, stem cells, and on and on. Any change would immediately be attributed to a disingenuous election cycle conversion. Sununu has dug his hole and it is effectively too late for Sununu to reverse the rubber stamp stigma - though he will try, I'm sure.

  • Texas: State Representative and Lieutenant Colonel Rick Noriega gave an insightful liveblog session at Firedoglake yesterday and surpassed an online fundraising milestone.

  • Oregon: Will the fact that at least one-quarter of the Oregon state House of Representative's Republican caucus is retiring next year hurt Gordon Smith's ability to generate momentum for his re-election campaign?

  • Another Sunday, another weekly review of the Senate races for MyDD later this afternoon.


    Blogger VA Blogger said...

    How would sending a contribution to LaRocco encourage Craig to retire?

    And I would think that people who are in New Hampshire, let alone make their living studying New Hampshire issues, know the situation in the state better than you. Especially since, if your reading is anywhere close to as slanted as your "reporting", then you're obviously not getting the full picture.

    8:34 PM, August 12, 2007  
    Blogger yankeedoodler said...

    To answer your question: I live in NH and I've been reading every article and op-ed written about the NH senate race since November 2006, and yeah, the Guru's take is spot on.

    Sununu's record is too long and consistent to pull the indy card effectively for 2008. Bass and Bradley both tried that too late, and lost, and in some key ways they were more indy than Sununu.

    10:13 PM, August 12, 2007  
    Blogger VA Blogger said...

    Yankeedoodler and S2G, taking the New Hampshire punditry by storm!

    11:20 PM, August 12, 2007  
    Blogger jak said...

    va blogger - Ridiculing yankeedoodler and S2G for their considered, if disagreeable (to you), analysis ain't gonna save Sununu, so you can drop the condescending tone.

    Here's a tip: Try treating others with respect for a change if you wish to be heard in the forum of public opinion. And if you don't care about being heard on the substantive merits of your arguments, you would then seem to satisfy the classic definition of a "troll."

    12:08 AM, August 13, 2007  
    Blogger VA Blogger said...

    I wasn't ridiculing them; I was comparing their credentials to that of a paid political analyst who lives in New Hampshire. First, S2G, who doesn't live in the state and is dumbfounded how anyone could support Sununu (well, he's dumbfounded how anyone could support any Republican, but that's a different story), doesn't think there's any possible way Sununu could beat anyone. Big shock. And an anonymous poster on a blog who calls himself Yankeedoodler is supposed to lend credibility to S2G's beliefs?

    I'm just pointing out the possibility that things aren't as horrible for Republicans as S2G may think. In fact, I'm not the only person who thinks that way. Here's this guy in New Hampshire that agrees.

    9:14 AM, August 13, 2007  

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