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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Have a Contemplative Veterans Day

  • New Mexico: Congressman Tom Udall will definitely run for Senate in 2008, according to his Chief of Staff. A formal announcement will come over Thanksgiving recess. If these poll numbers hold up, Udall is in very solid shape againt either Republican, be it the ethically-compromised Heather Wilson or the far-right-wing Steve Pearce. By any respectable measure, New Mexico now becomes at least a "Toss Up," if not a "Lean Democrat." In response to Udall's entry, businessman Don Wiviott has departed the Senate race to run for Udall's House seat. Jim Hannan is also expected to defer to Udall and withdraw from the race. Meanwhile, an internal poll sees Udall crushing Albuquerque Mayor Martin Chavez 50-30 (note: link is PDF) in a Democratic primary. By the way, kudos to the folks at Draft Udall. Of course, countless factors go into an individual's decision to run or not run for political office - but efforts like these must encourage individuals to run, letting them know vocal support is out there.

  • Nebraska: Just a few days after it looked "unlikely" that Omaha Mayor Mike Fahey would run for Senate in 2008, it is now looking like a distinctly more likely possibility with an announcement coming as soon as this week. Fingers crossed!

  • Kentucky: The Bridge offers us a three-fer. As the Draft Crit Luallen and Draft Andrew Horne movements pick up steam, Dr. Michael Cassaro enters the Democratic primary.

  • North Carolina: Do-Nothing Elizabeth Dole gone digital.

  • Georgia: Not a day goes by where I don't hope that war hero and former Senator Max Cleland will reconsider and run for Senate against Spineless Saxby Chambliss.

  • Tom Delay is an idiot.

  • Dire Straits' Brothers in Arms (HT: WVB)


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    btw - Elizabeth Dole is a LAZY Senator and I hope she is voted out
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