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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Saturday Very Quick Hits

  • Kentucky: DMKY's Gunterman takes restrained delight in the scenario of Kentuckians wanting political change more than ever while Mitch McConnell presents himself as Mr. Status Quo. Simple high school math: if Kentuckians want change, and Mitch McConnell represents the opposite of change, then Kentuckians must not want Mitch McConnell. (Hey, the polls agree with that assessment!)

  • Nebraska: The Draft Scott Kleeb movement has begun a volunteer pledge drive, which has gained earned media in local outlets. The founder of, Mike Nellis, also makes the case in the media for Kleeb being the answer to Nebraska's leadership vacuum.

  • In other Nebraska-related pontificating, All Spin Zone wonders if McCook, Nebraska, is the conservative canary in the coal mine.


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