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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thursday Insights

  • MyDD's Singer offers some perspective:

    it's nevertheless extremely telling that the best bit of campaign news received by Senate Republicans in recent weeks and months is that the party won't have to worry about Mississippi. That's right, Mississippi, a state in which the Democrats haven't won a Senate election in close to 20 years, a state that George W. Bush carried with 60 percent of the vote in 2004.
    Kinda sets the tone for the national Senate picture.

  • Speaking of the national Senate picture, given the DSCC's massive fundraising edge over the NRSC and "immensely popular congressman" Tom Udall entering New Mexico's 2008 Senate race, the Evans-Novak Political Report now expects four currently-Republican-held seats to flip Democratic next year.

  • Maine: The choice in Maine is stark and clear. Susan Collins continues to support the Bush policy of endless war in Iraq. Meanwhile, Tom Allen reiterates his support for a firm withdrawal deadline. Choices don't get much clearer than that.

  • New Hampshire: The latest issue on which Sprintin' John Sununu lacks leadership: the sub-prime mortgage crisis and predatory lending.

  • Nebraska: Local media are encouraging Scott Kleeb to run for Senate in 2008.

  • Oregon: Gordon Smith: partisan attack dog.

  • Louisiana: Prostitute-lovin' David Vitter has been subpoenaed in the D.C. Madam case. Perhaps now he'll actually answer some questions.


    Blogger JeremiahTheMessiah said...

    Kos commissioned a US Senate poll in Nebraska...

    Johanns (R) 59
    Kleeb (D) 28
    Bruning (R) 55
    Kleeb (D) 29

    Considering Kleeb is known only in 1 district, that's a pretty solid start. Not that I think he'll make it terribly competitive, it's just nice to have somebody running... Instead of nobody.

    12:07 PM, November 15, 2007  
    Blogger The Sleep said...

    Having a candidate like Kleeb I think makes a huge difference at the grassroots party-building level. He's the sort of guy who makes people proud to volunteer and call themselves Democrats. He also has a long future ahead of him. So a loss in the Senate race would not necessarily be a loss for Nebraska Democrats.

    9:39 PM, November 15, 2007  

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