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Friday, November 16, 2007

Friday Round-Up

  • Democrats are trying to secure funding for our troops, but the funding is blocked by Republicans who won't allow any form of oversight against their best pal Dubya. I suppose Republican Senators hate the troops or something.

  • Alaska: I know I've mentioned it before, but check out for all the background on Ted Stevens' corrupt dealings. It really is a terrific site.

  • Oregon: Speaker Jeff Merkley will hold a liveblog tomorrow, Saturday, starting at 2:00pm Pacific (i.e. 5:00pm Eastern).

  • Maine: The latest issue on which Susan Collins is demonstrating her trademark hypocrisy: out-of-state money. In fact, she's incredibly hypocritical about it. (For instance, only 30% of Collins' funds have actually come from Maine!)

  • Nebraska: Daily Kos commissioned a Research 2000 poll to get baseline numbers should Scott Kleeb enter the race. The results saw: Johanns-Kleeb at 59-28 and Bruning-Kleeb at 55-29. Clearly, Kleeb would have an uphill climb. The saving grace is that, while both Johanns and Bruning are well known from their respective tenures as statewide officials, 63% of Nebraskans don't know Kleeb, unsurprising given that his claim to fame has been a very strong showing in one very conservative Congressional district. But, those that do know Kleeb overwhelmingly approve of him, at a 28-9 (or more than 3-to-1) approval rate. Basically, if Kleeb had the hustle to raise his name ID, he could make this a competitive race. I think Kleeb has that hustle. By the way, Draft Kleeb!

    Meanwhile, professional quitter Mike Johanns has as his legacy as Agriculture Secretary a failed farm bill, perhaps in part because he quit his job before the bill was finished. You see, Democrats were ready to move forward with the bill, wanting to get it done to help farmers in Nebraska and across America. But Republicans filibustered it "over unrelated amendments that Republicans wanted to add." Republicans killed the farm bill for 2007 and quitter Mike Johanns let it happen.

  • New Mexico: I wonder what Dick Cheney's approval is in New Mexico. I wonder that because Cheney is Heather Wilson's most recent ATM machine. Funny enough, Wilson wasn't even able to raise off of Cheney anything close to what other Republican Congresscritters get from him. Cheney will also host a fundraiser for Republican Steve Pearce in January.

  • Alabama: It's good to finally see State Senator Vivian Figures out there campaigning.

  • South Carolina: Word to the wise: it might just be easier never to trust anything Lindsey Graham says.

  • North Carolina: Elizabeth Dole continues to fail real North Carolinians on local issues.

  • Nathan Gonzales at The Rothenberg Political Report takes a historical look at Senators who lost their first Senate bid, only to subsequently win, a pattern that popular former Governors and former & current Senate candidates Jeanne Shaheen and Mark Warner are currently following.

  • The 2008 edition of Netroots Nation, nee Yearly Kos, will place in Austin, Texas, July 17-20.


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    Rothenberg could have added people like Schweitzer and Mongiardo, who go on to win other state offices after losing a Senate bid.

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