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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Obstructionist, Corrupt McConnell Republicans

  • Kentucky: Matt Stoller on MyDD has an excellent post on how to portray Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell to take him down in Kentucky and bring Republicans down with him nationally:

    It's time to do to Mitch McConnell what the GOP did to Tom Daschle - make him the symbol of everything that is wrong and get rid of him in a Presidential year. That's very possible, as McConnell is not popular in his home state though he is very powerful. ...

    McConnell is in fact a combination of the worst of all worlds - the arrogance of Bush, the social conservatism and lunacy of Rick Santorum, the hypocrisy of Mark Foley, the corruption of Tom Delay. He's the perfect representation of the GOP. ...

    What Reid needs to do, and what we ought to help with, is pin the Iraq mess, corruption in government, and support for George Bush against the public will on Mitch McConnell from this point forward, directly, and by name. The DNC and all party committees, and all liberal groups, should start calling opponents 'McConnell Republicans'. He should become an epithet. If they are blocking debate in the Senate, well that's what 'McConnell Republicans' do, now isn't it?
    Great stuff, and quite accurate. The majority of Americans want the U.S. military out of Iraq, want a higher minimum, want better environmental standards, want more affordable health care. And the obstacle to achieving all of these? Mitch McConnell and those obstructionist, corrupt McConnell Republicans.


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