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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Southern GOP Senators Tanking

Bad news for two very prominent GOP Senators:

  • North Carolina: Political Insider has the details on a recent poll on Elizabeth Dole:

    Despite enjoying near universal name ID, only 35% of likely North Carolina voters say that they will vote to reelect Dole. Furthermore, fewer than half approve of her job performance as a senator -- 49% rate her performance as excellent or good, while 46% describe it as fair or poor.
    Wow. The poll also puts Bush's job approval-disapproval in NC at 36-64. Ripe for the picking.

  • Kentucky: And how is Mitch McConnell doing (HT: Kos)? Approve-disapprove is at 49-42, down from 52-38 a month ago. And Bush is at 37-61. A budding opportunity for a pickup, and, as Kos puts it, "to avenge Daschle's ouster in South Dakota when he led Senate Dems."


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