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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Can Sununu Outrun a Spaceship?

  • New Hampshire: Dean at Blue Hampshire drops some more info on us, from the Valley News, on former astronaut and Dartmouth Medical School professor Jay Buckley considering joining the race to take down John Sununu. Commenter Stark Blue offers this thought on Buckley:

    Doctor, Engineer, Major in the Air Force Reserves (retired), professor and practicing physician?oh ya, and a former Astronaut. And not that it matters one bit, but those appear to be old photos...he can't be that telegenic?!
    With both of NH's GOP Senators under the 50% approval mark, voters and elected officials increasingly skeptical of Sununu, and the wealth of impressively qualified Democrats looking to run against Sununu, not only should Sununu be scared for his job, but Judd Gregg stands on notice for 2010. Blue Hampshire, indeed.


    Blogger yankeedoodler said...

    We now have such an embarrassment of riches running against Club for Growth Johnny it's getting ridiculous. Hmmm.... do we pick a very popular mayor of a major city who is well connected with the party? Or perhaps a true progressive and environmental leader who also has had outstanding business success, or do we go with the astronaut?

    Sprintin' Sununu's got a lot of powerful runners on the track with him.

    12:17 PM, February 27, 2007  

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