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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

More Up from the Blogs

Happy Tuesday morning:

  • New Hampshire: Blue Hampshire reports that the ultra-conservative Club for Growth has endorsed John Sununu for re-election. Dean at BH accurately notes, "through their very endorsement, they utterly destroy any semblance of Sununu's 'moderate' persona." Mr. Sununu, you will be judged by the company you keep. Also, keeping an eye on Sununu's activities is a new blog, Sununu Hampshire. I look forward to their dogged pursuit of the soon-to-be-ex-Senator.

  • Maine: Similar to the aforelinked Sununu Hampshire, a Maine-based blog has started up: Collins Watch: Keeping an Eye on Maine's Junior Senator. They should have a field day with the budding narrative regarding Collins' untrustworthiness.

  • Wyoming: A local blog, hummingbirdminds, highlights 2006 Congressional candidate Gary Trauner's latest writing, perhaps to raise his profile for a 2008 run. He demonstrated unexpected strength, nearly beating Barbara Cubin for the At-Large House seat; and some speculate he may either take another run at Cubin or aim higher, challenging Mike Enzi for the Senate seat. Given the light Democratic bench in Wyoming, it would be great to see continued interest from Trauner.

  • Iowa: WaPo's Cillizza looks at which Republican might dive onto the tracks against the Tom Harkin train in 2008. It could be weak-fundraising Rep. Tom Latham, ex-Rep. Jim Nussle who just lost the 2006 IA-Gov race soundly, or super-conservative Rep. Steve King. Cillizza notes that in each of Harkin's re-election bids, he has beaten sitting GOP Reps.: Tom Tauke (1990), Jim Ross Lightfoot (1996) and Greg Ganske (2002). You'd think they'd eventually take the hint.


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